I can’t give such a topic the in-depth treatment here that it deserves–see my book A Beginners Guide to the PC Cult for such an in-depth treatment–but I will add a few observations that I’ve detected since I wrote that book.

First, the Cult is in many ways merely the fulfillment of the old American disease of “me, myself, n I”. This disease, otherwise known as ‘liberalism’, has today become quite illiberal. The focus on selfishness and self-worship, visible so clearly in the thousands of online pages of young women whose main photo is of them gazing into their own cell phone, recognizes no role whatsoever for the concept of duty. There is no duty to children (they’re all aborted), family (those fishes without bikes won’t ever have family), community (burned down in the latest BLM riot), state (“that’s a dog whistle for racism!”), or even country (“Nations are even more racist than states! We are only loyal to global Mother Earth!”)

This nihilistic, dirt-worshiping, mirror-gazing, mental-illness influenced approach has resulted in the wreckage of modern society.

In 1906 Freud had something to say about relations between the sexes in the U.S. when he visited to give lectures at mid-western  Clark College. Upon departing the U.S., he pronounced that American women lead American men around by the nose, make fools of them, and that the result was a matriarchy, and that the American predilection for co-educational colleges was a disaster for young men because they mature more slowly than women, and he then declared that the U.S. was a “gigantic mistake” and a “damage to civilization.” He never returned or changed his mind. For once I find an area of agreement with the severely anti-white bigot Freud; today the false Cultic presumption that men n women are absolutely equal in all ways, has led to virtually all higher education in the US being dominated by women while men tire of being forced to compete with girls of the same age but whom Nature has endowed with faster mental growth and dexterity in order to hurriedly fulfill their Nature-assigned role of motherhood before their eggs can deteriorate, as they most assuredly will, and the men wander off to do something more beneficial than getting D’s in Gender Studies, like happily making 6 figures in a blue-collar job.

The Italian economist and sociologist Vilfredo Pareto also had something to say about American women. In his classic work Mind and Society 1916, he denounced “the licentiousness of certain American women”. I cannot help but think of him when I see certain protesters wearing imitation pink body parts on their heads in public, or wearing T-Shirts that proclaim “Proud Whore”.

Then there was the Muslim Sayyd Qutb. Traveling all over the U.S. and Europe circa 1948-50 giving lectures, he returned to Egypt and wrote “The America that I have Seen”. In this work, he records having observed “animal-like mixing of the genders…which occurred even in churches”. He records upon seeing American dances, that the American girl “pushes all this [forward, i.e. her painted face n shapely body] n does not hide it!” Thus he laments their lack of modesty. Proclaiming that “Americans are numb to faith, art, n spiritual value”, he launched the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt–an actual patriarchy, unlike the matriarchal U.S.–until  hanged by Nasser in 1966. Well, that may be one of the risks that one runs living in a truly patriarchal society, unlike the matriarchal U.S., where harm avoidance is the credo of the state so no one ever gets hanged but one is likely to be murdered by career criminals with convictions as long as your arm just if you step out for bread.

In short, the Cult is feminized because the U.S. is a matriarchy, in fact the most matriarchal society the world has ever seen, n the ultra feminine values of harm avoidance, superficial consensus, ideological conformity, erasing of all borders to broaden women’s potential mate selection from among rich high-status immigrant males, obsession with sexuality and constantly changing “feelings”, and Mother Earth environmentalism are all core to today’s PC Cult.