A cult is not just a group of people who happen to follow a guru and happily hand over their life savings to him. True, this happens often–most typically in California–but there is more to belonging to a cult than merely worshiping someone who doesn’t deserve worship.

The most salient aspect of cultism is the bizarre psychological outlook of the followers. When they join the cult, the new cultists undergo a psychological conditioning that resembles what Christians call rebirth. They cease to be individuals who are required, however involuntarily, to manage their own personal affairs, but instead hand over to the cult–always a collective–partial or total management of their own lives. Their own role in managing their lives is reduced to merely increasing their devotion to the collective and their obedience to its instructions, or Party Line. This they call freedom. And perhaps for some people who are incapable of managing their own affairs or too frightened to think critically, it is freedom, much like the freedom of a child who has no more responsibility for him or herself except to play, pray, and obey.

An essential part of this emotional conversion is adopting the belief system, in other words, adhering to the cult’s religious doctrine.  Inseparable from this conversion is the process–something quite mysterious to outsiders–of becoming inoculated to any facts or relationships that might conflict with those that are preached by the cult.

In the PC Cult of Wokism, there is no single leader, tho George Soros may conceivably have served that role some time ago, but leadership falls to the several hundred Jewish-American billionaires and their mouthpieces, Ivy League Jewish professors. However, there is a striking element of inoculation easily detected among cultic Wokesters. If one mentions a fact of which they are unaware, they typically respond by immediately withdrawing from the conversation, often with a shouted parting insult–even if the Wokester began the conversation. Any contradiction whatsoever that one states while in their presence will trigger the cultist to hop up and hurry away, hurling insults in their wake. Why? Because their cultic ideology–on which their unstable emotions rest–cannot handle contradiction and if they were to remain in the conversation their minds would shut down, leaving no alternative but to shout their frustration in high decibels.

if the Wokester senses physical weakness in someone who openly resists their assertions, then their conditioned reflex to resort to a physical response results in a physical confrontation, raised fists, and even assault–anything to prevent unknown facts from entering their consciousness and triggering an emotional conflict that might cause them to question or doubt the veracity and desirability of remaining in the cult.

It is well known among psychologists that emotionally vulnerable and unstable cult members almost never voluntarily leave their cult just as addicts almost never voluntarily give up their drugs. Emotionally, they cannot part with their cultic “family” due to the security it provides them, which can be financial as well as emotional.  Having often been raised from childhood in the Woke Cult, the so-called “Progressives” simply cannot imagine a life without it, or a critical thought about it. Studies have shown that a majority of young Progressives / PC Cult members suffer from some form of diagnosed mental illness, contrary to so-called “Conservatives” (in scare quotes because the only thing they actually conserve is their stock portfolios).

The only known way to “cure” someone of belonging to a cult is to physically restrain them, confine them in a new environment, isolate them from the other cultic members, and force them to listen to facts without the option of running away with their hands over their ears. It also may help for former biological family members to be present, though the process of joining a cult usually involves breaking biological relationships in favor of their new cultic “family”.

In the former Soviet Union, for example–subject to the Communist Party, perhaps the largest cult of all time–children were encouraged by their teachers to spy on their own parents and denounce them to the Party for stray comments that conflicted with Party doctrine. This often resulted in the parents’ arrest and the children receiving public awards.

Of course, it is not feasible to subject all “Progressives” (I prefer to call them Regressives) to mandatory intervention by trained psychologists. There are not enough psychologists in the world to do this. But in fact, it was an “intervention” that raised them up in the Cult in the first place–the public school system. If the schools were purged of the religious Cultic zealots who conditioned young people’s minds in the first place, they could be repopulated with a new set of instructors who could intervene in the opposite way.