It’s quite amazing to see the videos of Chinese children–even small children–engaged in militaristic exercises while being indoctrinated with violent slogans calling for the death of Americans.

This is happening even while the U.S. government ruins its military with DIE nonsense and American society as a whole devotes itself to Peace at any cost. Americans are obsessed with eliminating “hate” and “violence” throughout America, including removing all the guns it can from the people. This even though Swiss and Israelis require all adult men to train with guns and Israelis walk about with machine guns on their shoulders–all without any crime to speak of in their own countries.

While Americans purge anyone remotely suspected of militia training and dilute the effectiveness of its military, China is training everyone to kill Americans, starting at the earliest possible age. If an American boy so much as draws a picture of a gun, he can actually be arrested.

How does one define Fascism? Military training required for everyone, national unity, aggressive rhetoric, all national bodies regulated closely by the government, dislike of non-national ethnicities, and a large and expanding military joined with large military parades. That is Fascism by any definition. And this fits China to a T. Why are the so-called “Anti-Fascists” in the U.S. obsessed with a few disorganized, poorly trained and manned militias instead of focusing on what’s happening in China? Could it be that the Antifa types are not really opposed to Fascism, but only focused on preventing American whites from organizing to defend their interests? We know the answer.