Following is an email distributed by VDare describing the New York state’s Attorney General, Letitia James’s, illegal assault on the website’s freedom of press in defiance of the US Constitution and the US Supreme Court. It is worth reading the entire article to realize the extent of the illegality that our Woke rulers are forcing on the Right.

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“IT IS FINISHED”—NYAG Letitia James Crucifies

I launched on Christmas Eve 1999. So it is perhaps appropriate that, on Good Friday 2024, the anniversary of Christ’s death, I must announce’s crucifixion by New York State’s communist Attorney General Letitia James.

On March 27, 2024, in another of her lightning-fast NYAG James-compliant rulings, New York State Supreme Court Judge Sabrina Kraus held us in Contempt of Court because we have not yet complied (because we were fighting it) with her January 23, 2023 order that we meet NYAG James’ massive and crippling subpoena demands.

Judge Kraus did modify her earlier order to reflect the intervention (much appreciated) of the Institute for Free Speech. So now we no longer have to reveal, explicitly, the names of our pseudonymous writers, some of whom would certainly be fired from their jobs if their identities leaked.

But we are still required to review 40 gigabytes of emails, an enormous amount. And of course these could in fact reveal the names of those pseudonymous writers, as well as our donors, privileged communications with lawyers, etc.

Judge Kraus has also now allowed us to redact these emails. But this is a huge task, which our lawyers estimate could cost as much as $150,000.

An observer tells us this order is more typical of major corporate litigation, not a tiny charity.

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