I have noticed over the years that Christians from the Mid-East believe that the Bible is the literal word of God the same as Muslims believe that the Quran is the literal word of God. This is highly characteristic of the imperial nature of all Abrahamic religions, and especially of persons of Mid-Eastern cultural background, whether they are Christian, Jewish, or Muslim.

Abrahamic religions do not acknowledge any distinction between church and state. Indigenous European religions, OTOH, are anti-imperial, tolerant, and recognize a fundamental distinction between church and state, which over the centuries has become the most distinctive trait of European civilization. Europeans don’t hold up one finger as Muslims do, which is intended to emphasize the unity of God, and the subordination of politics to their religion, uniting church and state in an imperial globalist militant enterprise.

Ancient Rome at first acknowledged separation of religion and state in that they were willing to adopt the gods of other peoples to include in their own pantheon, but in the late imperial era Mediterranean and European paganism, both tracing their institutional ancestry to Aryan / Indo-European culture, gave way to Asian religious despotism as Constantine and his successors united religion and state in Byzantium under the influence of imperial Abrahamic Orthodox Christianity.

The Jews in ancient Israel famously refused to allow their god to be incorporated into the Hellenistic pantheon, which had been an intelligent political compromise ensuring the political unity of the Mediterranean world, but insisted on regarding their imperial god as exclusive of all others thus rejecting any tolerance of neighboring societies. The West managed to preserve a distinction under the Popes but this eroded during the high Middle Ages. During the Reformation the separation reemerged and has held ever since. Until now, of course, as the new PC Cult that has seized the West imposes a new fusion of power and religion everywhere it gains control, which is a recrudescence of Asian despotism implemented in the tradition of exclusive medieval Christianity and of imperial Islam, both of which tolerated and tolerate no other religion or deities.