What does Sin City Milla mean? It refers to the 2017 massacre of concert goers in Las Vegas which killed 58, wounded 411, and injured over 800. “Sin City” is Las Vegas. Milla is an old Ottoman term, derived from the Quran, sometimes called a millet. It refers to a sectarian tribal group that adheres to a recognized religion, for example the Greek Christian Orthodox in Lebanon were a millet, or milla, recognized by the Ottoman government in Istanbul. The Coptic Catholics in Egypt were another Ottoman milla. As were Sunni Muslims, Sunni Islam being the official religion of the Ottoman state. There were many millets, including Jewish. I use the term Milla to point out that the modern U.S. has divided into racial groups that function like religious sects and are recognized by the U.S. government and whose individual members are treated first and foremost as members of their official racial group, or milla. The Ottoman government had one set of laws that applied to the official state religion: Sunni Islam, and other sets of laws that applied to the various groups of “Dhimmis”, i.e., all the other tribal/religious millas in the Ottoman empire. The U.S. government similarly has an official state religion, called Wokeness, and there is a milla, an ethnic cult, that enjoys one set of laws, while most other racial and ethnic groups, or millas, are lower on the Intersectional scale, each with its own degree of favoritism by the federal government, with traditional-minded or working-class Whites on the bottom.

In 2017, one or more assassins belonging to the Woke milla perceived the people attending the country-and-western concert to be members of the Trump-supporting traditional White Milla and planned beforehand to murder as many as possible. This quasi-religious tribal warfare of a state-supported milla against a lower-class milla was the likely motivation for the massacre. I also use the term to point out that the FBI dropped the investigation the moment they found a convenient patsy to blame, Stephen Paddock, deliberately letting the trail go cold for fear they may find the powerful Woke milla culpable, like Antifa or BLM or higher-ups in the Democratic Party which is the political wing of the Wokeness Cult, just as Antifa and BLM are the Cult’s armed street militia, its military wing.