Given the prevalence of systemic racism in American society and the necessity of applying the religion of Intersectionality to all aspects of American life, I propose a simple proposal to apply Intersectionality to another area where systemic racism is rampant — traffic intersections.

If standing in line or competing as equal individuals is not appropriate for job hirings or college admissions, why not require the same for traffic intersections? I propose that whenever more than one motorist arrives at a stop sign, instead of the earlier motorist traveling through, both should come to a complete stop. Both should exit their cars and compare where they rank on the Intersectionality ladder. Women with the most melanin should then be allowed to go first; men with the most melanin should go second with all others waiting for this determination before proceeding. Next comes every person who has less melanin than others, women first, then men.

Once all persons with melanin have proceeded — and if any person with any melanin arrives during the analytical proceedings, all traffic must be put on hold until those with more melanin proceed — finally those who have no melanin should be allowed to go. Of course, white women first, white men last. Special options can be made available for special politically influential ethnic groups that have little or no melanin like East Asians, or South Asians, with new immigrants having priority over citizens. Among white men, red-heads are next to last, with albinos dead last, since they, as everyone knows, are the most privileged of all. Just watch the movie The Da Vinci Code which taught us all the evilness of ultra-privileged albinos.

This is the logical extension of the insane Diversity Cult. This is exactly what the unelected PC Cult members of the Supreme Court have unilaterally imposed on society for the past seventy years and this is what employers, DIE commissars, and colleges are imposing on us now working quietly behind the scenes.