After several years of observing I have concluded that figures on the Right have a very strange trait – they do not help each other, but seem to go out of their way to backbite each other, scorn each other’s works, n isolate themselves in niches n cliques. Leftists never do that. For people in the Hivemind there are ‘no enemies to the Left’. Rightists seem to embrace the opposite, ‘all are enemies on the Right’. One can see this clearly by visiting popular sites n listening to the podcasts which do not hesitate to attack other Rightists as much if not more than Leftists, usually with petty complaints. I wonder why.

The list of rightists who seem never to stop carping n complaining about other rightists, is (not ranked in any particular order): Counter-Currents; OccidentalDissent; David Cole; TRS; Fuentes; Jim Goad; Matt Forney. I actually have nothing against any of them, in fact I listen to all of them when I can but that’s how I know they love to bitchslap each other. I just think there is no need for that. I’m sure there are more that could be added to the list. . .new addition: the recent implosion of the National Justice Party with the spectacular n very public internecine massacre among the erstwhile leadership. Was all this bitchslapping really necessary?

Then there are the sites n rightists who love to call everything they disapprove of as ‘Nazi’. There have been no Nazis anywhere in the world since May 1945. ‘Nazi’ was a German political party, the NSDAP, or National Socialist German Worker’s Party, or  Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, which was banned after WW2 ended. ‘Nazi’ is not a synonym for “I don’t like that.” Just as Fascist was Mussolini’s political party that gained power in Italy in 1923, n the word ‘Fascist’ is not a synonym for “Bad”. The Fascist Party ceased to exist in 1945 also.

Like many in the media,, a supposedly right of center site, loves to label everything they don’t like as ‘Nazi’, clearly having no clue as to what the word means beyond “I don’t like it.” Just as today’s ‘antisemitic’ means only “something Jews don’t like”, the word having no meaning beyond that. Not many rightist sites misuse the terms Fascist n Nazi, but unfortunately others still do.

Here is a link to an excellent discussion of the current issues on the Right, focusing on the recent implosion of the National Justice Party, posted by Counter-Currents, which, altho it seems to take a special glee in reporting such, is nevertheless well worth reading.