It had to happen. I made a few comments on others’ posts and began to notice that many posts that I commented on were being suspended or canceled. It was clear that the turn of Sirius Reviews would eventually come and sure enough it happened. All the talk about the new XTwitter being free speech or something close to free speech was just that–mere talk. Twitter hasn’t changed under Musk.

It’s back to Gab and Unz for Sirius Reviews. Like I said from the beginning: there is no way that Musk will ever endanger payment processing on his global businesses so he will always bow down to the global banks and the ADL. He is as much a captive of the online semi-governmental monopoly as Jack Dorsey was and for the same reasons.

OTOH, in my 3 month stay on XTwitter I found mostly uninformed observations from illiterate people who had nothing better to do than exchange nonsense with equally bored commenters. More worrisome is that I found that it is still acceptable to post calls for violent attacks on whites on XTwitter or discuss the advantages of Communism and Wokism, but not to call for the self-defense of whites from attacks by these ideologues. So little has changed from when Dorsey ran it.

There is little difference between Reddit, XTwitter, and Facebook. Once again, free speech is searching for an online outlet.