At one time being a ‘radical’ n opposing US government policy was chic n trendy. Remember the ‘Chicago Ten’? HUAC n the ‘Hollywood Ten’? Bob Dylan, Allen Ginsberg, the Free Speech Movement? Where are they now?

They run the Congressional Select Committees on Intelligence, the Deep State, DOJ, CIA, FBI, n they have outlawed ‘extremism’, outlawed any peaceful assembly that deviates politically from their ruling establishment, canceling any speech that challenges their rule, now are even prosecuting the Repub Party’s clear Presidential nominee merely for announcing his candidacy, along with everyone who supports him via the J6 political prosecutions, which should be called the ‘J6 1,400’.

We now live in a one-party police state that is run by the very people who formerly led the 1960s protests, but who now routinely fix elections to make sure no more protests can ever happen.

Even their foreign policy is crooked. Their loyalty was never to the US but always to Israel. They protested n rioted on the presumption that if they to screwed up this place, they could always do aliyah n take refuge there, so there was no restraint on their behavior or any loyalty to the US. They were always foreign actors who should have registered as such but were never required to.

Biden’s cabinet should be required to register as foreign agents. After all, it has more Jews in it than Zelensky’s or Netanyahu’s.