Is the American Empire unraveling? Japan has broken ranks by buying oil from Russia. India too. Saudi Arabia is now selling oil to China for yuan instead of dollars.  India, Brazil, n South Africa are deepening their relations with Russia n China in BRICS. These are good things. The European Union may go next as their populations resist returning to coal-firing plants to substitute for Russian oil \ gas imports which have been blocked unilaterally by the US.

This is entirely the fault of the delusional and illegitimate Biden administration which is so incompetent that it cannot run even a lemonade stand. Why is this happening? Because Jewish neocons run his cabinet.  Biden is merely their mouthpiece, incapable of an original thought and they have no loyalty to the US but only to foreign entities, principally Israel. They have steered the US into a new Cold War with Orthodox Russia. Jews hate Orthodox Russia due to mostly imagined pogroms allegedly inflicted on them during the 19th century and they desire open war to crush the world’s last officially Christian power.

All this is a direct consequence of the undermining of the integrity of popular elections in the US. There is massive evidence that the Hillary \ Biden cabal stole the 2020 election, likely basing this on fraudulent election techniques long-standing in places like California and black-controlled inner cities like Baltimore, Chicago, DC, Detroit, Atlanta, Houston, n elsewhere. Fair elections do not occur in those places and no amount of election integrity in other states can overcome this systematic fraud.

The demise of elections has led to the Dem Party being now run by the neocons seizing control in what amounts to a coup. The irony is that the warmongering Dems won over the peace candidate Trump while shouting a single word to the rooftops: “racist.” We will never know if this word actually won the 2020 election because so many states already had fraudulent machinery in place to ensure the “correct” outcome no matter what.

What is the end game? Potential independence for Alaska, Hawaii, California, n Texas as the energetic US expansion of the 19th century reverses itself. We may even see the day when a revived Russian economy, flush with oil profits from India and China, end up repurchasing Alaska after the bankrupt US Empire finally disintegrates, as all multi-ethnic empires inevitably do.