Article by Angelshare.

The axe fell in 1948, when the United Nations—the victors of WWII—foisted on the world the fatal doctrine of higher education for all, enshrining this pernicious idea in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Ever since, this toxic doctrine of higher education for all has taken every occupation that requires superior intelligence to perform and has driven the intellectuals out and has replaced them instead with the incompetent mind. The first occupation to succumb was the faculty of colleges and universities.

We watch helplessly from the sidelines, as this inane doctrine destroys one vital occupation after another. Air traffic controllers are but the latest example of an occupation that requires superior intelligence to perform—at least successfully—but in which the unintelligent have supplanted the intelligent. See: Think Twice Before You Fly.

The Intellectual and the Conformist

Intelligence is more than just a quantitative difference among men. The intelligent man thinks differently from the unintelligent man. The intelligent man is an intellectual who lives in a world of ideas and abstractions and who thinks about them all day. The unintelligent man is a conformist who defers to the opinion of others. Only 1% to 2% of men are intellectual, while the other 98% to 99% are conformist. The intellectual man forms his opinions on the basis of experience, facts, evidence, argumentation and reason—the scientific method essentially. The conformist man, by contrast, pays attention to none of this and instead forms his opinions by copying others.

The more you repeat what the conformist has been taught already, the more likely the conformist will be to copy your opinion. The more you differ from what the conformist has been taught already, the more likely the conformist will be to dismiss you out of hand. Experience, facts, evidence, argumentation and reason mean nothing to the conformist, who will patiently listen to but who will then evaluate you, instead of evaluating what you say. The conformist who has been taught the scientific method will pay lip service to it but lacks the essential mental disposition to put the scientific method into practice. The scientific method is unnatural to the conformist, even if the conformist has the job of a scientist. The result is consensus science, i.e., the dogmatic simpleton attitude that the mainstream theory—the teaching—is right, while everything else is wrong. Conformism is the norm among the scientists of today.

The Woke Leftist

Woke Leftism is conformism taken to an extreme. Woke Leftism is not intellectual, even though the college campus—especially at the elite university—is the venue where it first cropped up. Rather, Woke Leftsm is anti-intellectual. Its modus operandi is to lure the intellectual—especially the speaker or the author—into a predetermined debate (which the Woke Leftist might call a dialogue or a conversation rather than a debate) and then to proceed to clobber the intellectual, i.e., to smear the intellectual with pejoratives, such as racist, misogynist and homophobe.

This is easy enough for the Woke Leftist to do. The Woke Leftist just chooses an absurd premise
—such as the notion that every Black deserves $5 million in reparations or the notion that a man can simply declare himself to be a woman. The patent absurdity of the proposition lures the intellectual to choose the opposite side, whereupon the Woke Leftist springs the trap shut, attacking the intellectual ad hominem. The attack ad hominem is unnatural to the intellectual but quite natural to the conformist, who never evaluates an argument but only evaluates people.

Ostensibly, the Woke Leftist is a proud bigot who prefers the Black to the White, the woman to the man, and the homosexual to the heterosexual. In reality, however, this is mere pretense. The Woke Leftist hates only the intellectual.

The first generation of incompetent doctors and professors took the roe that is the daycare generation and fertilized it in the murky waters of the elite university. They passed their nature on to their progeny, as they created the Woke Leftist in their own image. Woke Leftists then joined their sires in academia in persecuting the intellectual and in ruining one occupation after another—air traffic controllers but the latest example.

In the mind of educators of today, the ignorant merit an education, while the knowledgeable do not, which is in accord with the language of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In their mind, not only does the poor student merit an education, the poor student merits a higher grade than the skillful student. The Federal Aviation Administration is the same in this regard, and it prefers the air traffic controller lacking in skill to be hired in lieu of the skillful air traffic controller. It is all one and the same anti-intellectual attitude, which is everywhere nowadays. It has nothing to do with racial and ethnic bigotry, which is a mere excuse or rationalization, and it has everything to do with hatred of the intellect. The Woke Leftist’s proud racism and chauvinism (which the Woke Leftist deceptively might term anti-racism and anti-chauvinism) is but an insincere veneer for the real bigotry, which is anti-intellectualism.

Deception and Academia

Incompetency and deception go hand in hand. The incompetent mind is the deceptive mind. Nothing illustrates the incompetent doctor or professor better than the 1973 movie, The Paper Chase. The antagonist of the movie, Professor Kingsfield, posts a notice on the board outside his office that the first homework assignment for the semester will be due the beginning of the first class. Every student who happens to walk by and read the notice before the first class learns the

news, as does each other student who happens to hear it through the grapevine. Every other student—who, for whatever reason, never stumbles across the news that the first assignment is due before the first lecture begins—can earn no more than a “B” for the semester.

By pulling this stunt, Professor Kingsfield reveals his absolute incompetency at evaluating students—much as the Federal Aviation Administration, in the article at the link above, reveals its absolute incompetency at evaluating air traffic controllers. Professor Kingsfield also betrays a deceptive mind—a penchant for trickery—as well as an anti-intellectual mien. The love of tricks, traps and deception is all too common among doctors and professors—at least at the elite university. Anti-intellectualism is all too common among them too.

The ad building may have its problems, but the blame for deception falls squarely on the shoulders of the faculty. A car salesmen may lie to earn a commission. A doctor or professor, by contrast, deceives because he enjoys it. Sometimes a doctor or professor may profit from deception, such as in a drug trial, in which billions of dollars ride on the outcome. Many times, however, there is not a penny at risk, and the doctor or professor—like Professor Kingsfield—deceives purely for the thrill of it.

An elite university admits its students on the basis of standardized test scores, which essentially means choosing the most intelligent in our society to be the student body of the elite university. An elite university, however, does not look to standardized test scores to choose its faculty. It looks instead to publishing records, esteem in the field and numerous other characteristics, such as a willingness to accept lower pay in exchange for the prestige of working at an elite university.

The result is an inverted intelligence pyramid at every elite university. The students are brighter, on average, than the professors. In an anti-intellectual society such as ours, therefore, this inverted pyramid brings out the Devil in the professors. As the malignant doctrine of higher education for all floods academia with the unintelligent conformist, the faculty of the elite university becomes polluted with the unintelligent conformist long before—and to a greater extent than—the student body does.

For over a generation, doctors and professors have bent over backwards for the poor student— ostensibly out of the tenderness of their bleeding liberal hearts—giving them grades that they do not deserve, while sabotaging the grades of deserving students. At the elite university, with its inverted intelligence pyramid, the doctors and professors identify with the bottom and middle of the class, which they promote at the expense of the top of the class. This inversion of the “A” student and the “B” student is the precursor, a generation earlier, to the Woke Leftist doctrine of equity. The unintelligent faculty—like Professor Kingsfield—lords it over the intelligent student body. Woke Leftists similarly lord it over the intellectual, but they band together to do so, since they lack the self-confidence of a character like Professor Kingsfield, who apparently never went to daycare.

Ongoing decline—until every college and university is but a glorified high school—is what happens when a society embraces the pathetic doctrine of higher education for all. Plagiarism accusations, for example, swirl around Dr. Claudine Gay—the erstwhile President of Harvard University, no less. “How are the mighty fallen!”

The conformist copies the opinions of others. Copying is not the behavior of the intellectual. Even if all Dr. Gay’s “duplicative language” does not sink to the level of plagiarism, it is still copying, which is what the conformist does. Plagiarism is copying (conformism) coupled with deception. Dr. Gay illustrates how conformism is the norm among doctors and professors of today. Perhaps she illustrates how deception is the norm too.


The conformist never contemplates abstractions. The conformist always contemplates people. The conformist may feel threatened by your intelligence in a discussion of some academic subject. Instead of trying to outshine you intellectually in a later discussion, however, the anti- intellectual conformist retaliates by trying to prevent you from earning a living. Every swindler has money on his mind—yours—and spends his days scheming ways to deprive you of it. When the anti-intellectual attacks the intellectual, the anti-intellectual aims for the pocketbook. The cancel culture aims to make its victims lose their jobs.

Anti-intellectualism like this is nothing new in American society. It dates to colonial times, as Dr. Richard Hofstadter’s excellent tome, Anti-Intellectualism in American Life, attests. What the inane doctrine of higher education for all has done, however, is to transplant this menace, which is anti-intellectualism, from the backwoods to the faculty club. Woke Leftism is but the latest avatar of American anti-intellectualism, which breached the wall of the ivory tower in 1948, first subjugating the academic system, and afterward subduing every occupation that depends on the college degree, instead of on the professional exam. Even the professional exam, however, is now under siege and is doomed eventually to capitulate to the unrelenting antagonism of the incompetent mind, whether Professor Kingsfield’s or the Woke Leftist’s.

All the scientific publications of academia are every bit as anti-intellectual and conformist as Woke Leftism. The peer-reviewed academic journal is the precursor to the popular cancel culture. An article that supports mainstream theory can be accepted for publication, but its acceptance is by no means assured. An article that supports an alternative theory will be rejected. The peer-reviewed academic journal is censorship and conformism and little more. To say publish or perish is to say cancel culture and to say no intellectual allowed. Nothing retards the progress of science more than the peer-reviewed academic journal.

This is invisible to the ordinary citizen. The ordinary citizen understands, for example, that a man who declares himself to be a woman does not thereby become a woman. This is within the cognitive capacity of the ordinary citizen to understand. The supposed existence of a black hole in outer space, by contrast, may be every bit as preposterous to a man who understands
theoretical physics well enough to fit gravitation into the Standard Model. The ordinary citizen, however, does not understand quantum physics, so the ordinary citizen defers to the inept doctors and professors, who out of sheer conformism all aver the existence of black holes, because this is the consensus of the conformists.

To unify gravitation with the other three forces, as a single theory of physics, is a relatively simple exercise that the modern physicist—like the late Dr. Stephen Hawking, a blowhard if there ever was one—is too inept to carry out. Like Tantalus, the modern physicist instead marvels at the problem that he cannot solve, as it stubbornly remains just beyond the feeble reach of his mediocre mind, so his mind levitates the problem onto a pedestal—ever so modestly christening it the quest for the Theory of Everything—as if this humble exercise were all-encompassing and daunting, rather than his own intellect merely meager and wanting.

The accepted theory of gravitation fits the experimental facts, except that the measurements at the smallest scales cannot quite agree on their predictions for the gravitational constant. This is a clue that the accepted science—the consensus—is wrong. It is not very wrong. The consensus science works fine at astronomical distances, and even the small distances of the torsion balance. With atomic interferometry, however, the accepted theory of gravitation starts to break down, but only slightly. The intellectual scientist follows the data and goes wherever the data lead. The conformist scientist, however, just digs in his heels and refuses to budge. He clings to accepted theory, all experimentation to the contrary notwithstanding, just like a mule.

A man with a more open mind than the doctors and professors of today, who pass themselves off as the physicists and the other scientists, can follow the data and realize that gravitation is not a fundamental force but rather a derivative force—i.e., the strong nuclear force acting at a distance, the chromatically neutral virtual gluon (which is not subject to color confinement) mediating the same sort of force as the chromatically charged virtual gluon, only not quite as strongly. Once a man realizes this, gravitation fits into the Standard Model, like the last piece into a jigsaw puzzle.

The strong nuclear force predicts a derivative force, between chromatic tripoles (i.e., between nucleons) at a distance, which is inverse square, attractive, and uniform in all directions, in much the same manner that the electromagnetic force predicts a derivative force (magnetism) between dipoles at a distance, which is inverse cubic, both attractive and repulsive, and different in different directions. Between electrically neutral molecules—if not between all subatomic particles—gravitation is proportional to mass. As the gravitational constant—previously hazy— comes clearly into focus, upon understanding gravitation to be a derivative force, the man with the more open mind than the doctors and professors of today then comes to know for certain, from the mathematics of the Standard Model, that the neutron star and the black hole are physically impossible, even if he suspected as much beforehand.

This is exactly the sort of theoretical research that nuclear physicists should be doing, but they cannot do, because—thanks to higher education for all—they are nearly all conformist by nature rather than intellectual. They copy the consensus science and cannot innovate on it. Even if they innovate, the peer-reviewed academic journal will reject their submissions whenever their submissions depart from the consensus. No article that disputes the existence of the black hole will be accepted, all experimental evidence and mathematical analysis to the contrary notwithstanding.

For this reason, it is quite common today to see research articles in which the data say one thing but the conclusion says the opposite. To publish, an author has to support mainstream theories, so the author obligingly puts the consensus science in the conclusion, while including the contrary data from any experimentation in the body of the paper—sometimes only in a footnote to a table. This incompetency affects not only physics. It affects every science nowadays. The incompetent mind pollutes the entire academic system.

The Culprits

When a White, heterosexual man promotes the Black over the White, the homosexual over the heterosexual, and the woman over the man, you know that he is insincere. What then is the truth? It is not the White, the heterosexual, and the man that this Woke Leftist despises. Rather, it is the intellectual whom he despises.

To admit to hating intelligence is to admit to stupidity. No Woke Leftist wants to admit to stupidity. Yet, the Woke Leftist is stupid. When I think of doctors and professors—men like Professor Kingsfield—the adjectives the come to mind are conformist, deceptive, anti- intellectual, incompetent and tyrannical. When I think of the Woke Leftist, the adjectives that come to mind are conformist, deceptive, anti-intellectual, incompetent, stupid, lunatic and tyrannical. The commonality is undeniable.

In the course of the long secular decline of our society, the incompetent minds—i.e., the doctors and professors, especially at the elite universities—are the culprits who created the Woke Leftist in their own image. The doctors and professors at the elite university have begotten the Woke Leftist that daycare has spawned, and they have passed their nature on to their progeny.

We live at a unique time in history, as our academic system steadily declines from the lofty heights of 1948, dragging the rest of our society down with it. The problem is not so much Woke Leftism, however, as it is the underlying source of our collapse, i.e., the lethal doctrine of higher education for all.

Angelshare is an intellectual in this anti-intellectual country.