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It’s a Cult – Video

As I keep saying, the Dem Party has degenerated into a religious cult with millenarian overtones that does not hesitate to use violence to achieve its ideological ends. Selma, Alabama, is its Calvary, and colleges, serving as...

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“What is the Right Strategy Now?”

White Nationalism? 47%
Christian Unity? 16%
Orthodox Christianity? 0%
Pagan Revival? 11%
Secession? 21%
Vote our way out? 5%

White Nationalism wins hands down. It seems there is not much confidence that voting will be fair.

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Overpopulation in Monrovia outskirts

In August, 2021, Simon Sheppard, creator of the extraordinary website, was arrested by the UK police for the crime of distributing leaflets. He has been incarcerated and kept in lockdown for 23 hours a day for an indeterminate length of time due to Covid at HMP Hull prison. One can write him at:
  Wing I-1-27
  HMP Hull
  Hedon Road
  Hull, HU9 5LS.
Incoming mail is opened by prison staff and routinely photocopied so for his welfare pls do not discuss politics or his legal case. Prison visits were suspended indefinitely at Hull during Covid. It would be great if we could support Simon with supportive messages while he is imprisoned in violation of his free speech rights.