Harley Brown is truly impressive. While reviewing his erstwhile website I came to the conclusion that though perhaps he is not the ideal candidate for Governor of Idaho, he may well have been more qualified than the other candidates. This article reviews his qualifications and includes the good and the perhaps not so good, but definitely entertaining.

First, the definitely entertaining.

(Credit: from a Youtube of The Daily Show)

Now the good, which shows an entirely different view of Harley Brown:

(Credit: from Harley Brown’s site: http://www.governorharley.com/harleyism.htm)

Well, that’s it. My hat’s off to Mr. Brown, who in view of everything is a down to earth common guy with common issues, the kind of issues that the powers that be ignore and hope that no one who actually has to live with the laws they impose will ever actually win an election and shake their thrones. I hope Harley Brown gets that chance. He’s a truly funny guy who wants to change things and for that I admire him greatly.

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