The Western tradition of freedom of speech and press going back to the Renaissance in Europe and to the Magna Carta in England, stemming as it does from the profound European political tradition of separation of political power into a plurality of political forces in balance with each other, we notice the latest assault on the Western tradition in this recent “clarification” in Canada’s Criminal Code, s. 319 :

(2.1) Everyone who, by communicating statements, other than in private conversation, willfully promotes antisemitism by condoning, denying or downplaying the Holocaust

  • (a) is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years; or
  • (b) is guilty of an offence punishable on summary conviction.

Where does one begin in addressing the errors in this “clarification”? First, the word ‘antisemitism’ — and let’s establish at the beginning that words have meaning, or should have meaning — ‘antisemitism’ is a word, and if it means anything at all it means opposition to Semites because that is what the prefix ‘anti’ means. ‘Anti’ does not mean anything beyond opposition. It does not mean hatred, or persecution, or attack, or denial of anything whatsoever, but only opposition to.

Next, what is a Semite? Historically and by convention, a Semite is one who speaks a Semitic language. Historians and linguists define Semitic languages by the triliteral root system of forming meaningful utterances through permutations of three consonants from a conventional list of consonants peculiar to Southwest Asia, the Arabian peninsula, and North Africa. These consonants are ancient and derived from presumably similar consonants dating back five thousand years, ‘presumably’ because no one really knows for sure how ancient people pronounced certain written signs. Semitic languages include ancient Akkadian, ancient Babylonian, ancient Aramaic, South Arabic, historical Ethiopic (Ge’ez and Amharic), three forms of ancient Syriac, ancient Nestorian, ancient Mandaic, and North Arabic which is the language of the Quran. As for Hebrew, Old (ancient) Hebrew was decidedly Semitic; Middle (medieval) Hebrew was less so and incorporated many changes; modern Israeli Hebrew is another matter altogether.

Given that Old Testament Hebrew went completely extinct as a spoken daily language during the late medieval period and that few Jews any longer lived in Palestine when Hebrew went extinct and that the Jews in Eastern Europe adopted Yiddish as their daily tongue, an amalgam of German and Polish with a smattering of likely mispronounced Biblical Hebrew, modern Israeli Hebrew is just as decidedly not a Semitic language but rather a congeries of disparate elements pasted over with presumably correctly pronounced, but likely not correctly pronounced ancient Hebrew’s written words.

In the view of one profound expert on Semitic languages, Gotthelf Bergtrasser, in his Introduction To The Semitic Languages, I quote: “Hebrew. . .is in reality a European language in transparent Hebrew clothing, with Common European characteristics and language-particular peculiarities, but only outwardly Hebrew in character. The break between present-day Hebrew and the older varieties is thus incomparably greater than that between Middle Hebrew and Old Hebrew. . .Modern Hebrew has, in fact, in large measure ‘succumbed’ to European influence. The phonology is simplified, the tense system is completely changed to the European model (perfect > past; participle > present; imperfect > future) while some limited productivity remains to the stem system, the syntax looks more European than Semitic, and the vocabulary borrows heavily from the many languages Hebrew has been in contact with. . . ” From this, we may conclude that the word ‘antisemitic’ cannot mean opposition to those who speak Hebrew as modern Hebrew is not a Semitic language.

Can one be a Semite without speaking a Semitic language? There has long been a hypothesis that Ashkenazi Jews, who are the Jews of Eastern Europe and Russia, were the descendants of the medieval Khazars who populated the northern Caucasus and the lower Volga and Don river areas, a formerly nomadic people related to the later Mongols. Popularized by Arthur Koestler, himself a Jew, in his book The Thirteenth Tribe, he points out that the Khazars converted to Judaism in the 8th century and that these Turkic speaking Jewish Khazars still inhabited Russian towns and cities including Kiev as late as the 15th century. As an aside we note that Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, aka Lenin, was born in a Kalmyk nationality area on the Volga, i.e., he was born to a family that was related to Mongols, Kalmyks being comparatively recent migrants from Central and East Asia, and that at least one grandparent of Lenin’s had been Jewish, leaving the interesting possibility that Lenin himself was of Jewish Khazar descent.

Modern DNA analysis indicates that Ashkenazi Jews from Russia have a large component of Middle Eastern genetics, up to one-half, but not more than one-half. The other half is a mix of European genes and Central/East Asian Turkic/Mongol genes, subjected to 500 years of inbreeding within relatively small urban populations that were engaged largely or mostly in the twin traditional Jewish occupations of money lending and reading the Talmud. Marriages within these East European clans were very exclusive, being between and among Jews only, and favoring those prospering from interest earned in money lending and rabbis preoccupied with reading the Talmud.

Thus Jews today tend to be exceedingly capable in the occupations of banking and interpreting written texts as these were selected for over a period of at least 500 years and likely considerably more. Some hypothesize that Jewish merchants entered Russia via the Danube, arguing that this invalidates the Khazar hypothesis. However, we point out that during the long period of Khazar occupation of lower, or ‘New Russia’, now called in part Ukraine, which lasted 900 years, Khazaria was the only political entity where a Jew might be completely safe and during this long period many Jews from the Middle East and Byzantium migrated directly to Khazaria, bringing their Mid-Eastern genetics with them, which makes the Khazar hypothesis still feasible.

However, we must conclude, given the fact that Jews are no more than half Middle Eastern genetically, and often more Mongol or European than Middle Eastern, and that Hebrew is not a Semitic language, that the word ‘Semitic’ for the most part simply does not apply to Ashkenazi Jews, and especially not to Jews living in Canada or the United States, as they are almost entirely of Ashkenazi, i.e., Russian or European Jewish descent mixed with the offspring of immigrants from the British isles. Therefore the term ‘antisemitism’ has no relation to these people and making a statement opposed to the activities of Canadian or American Jews in no way makes one ‘antisemitic’.

The word Semite does apply, however, to the many Mizrahi Jews who live in Israel. Mizrahi Jews are Jews who formerly lived in Muslim countries for centuries until the advent of the Jewish state which brought nationalism to the Mid-East. Most migrated to Israel, some voluntarily, perhaps most involuntarily having for the most part been forced out of Arab countries and Iran after the establishment of Israel in 1948. Indeed, properly read, the word ‘antisemitic’ should apply exclusively to Arabs as they are the only true Semitic-speaking people in the modern world and are of purely Mid-Eastern genetic descent, some Arabs being Muslim, some Christian, and some Arabs being Jewish most of whom now reside in Israel. But if we take this logical approach, we have to ask ourselves what ‘antisemitism’, or ‘Anti-Arabism’ to be more precise, has to do with the nebulous event that the Canadian Code labels ‘the Holocaust’?

Clearly anti-Arabism has nothing whatsoever to do with the alleged attempt by the German National Socialist Workers Party under the leadership of Adolf Hitler to eliminate European Jews in the war years of 1942-1945, which event is called by Jews ‘the Holocaust’. And also nothing to do with being opposed to Arab Jews, who at the time still resided in the various Arab countries prior to the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948. So there cannot be any logical connection between the term ‘antisemitism’ and the Jewish Holocaust and the Canadian Code is simply mistaken in presuming that there is, reflecting a sorry state of research among those who wrote the code and its ‘clarification’. And it is therefore impossible for one to “promote antisemitism” by “condoning, denying or downplaying the Holocaust”. If words means anything at all, then the two elements have nothing whatsoever to do with each other and the Canadian Code is therefore inoperable and a nullity.

Of course, we know in reality that the globalist regime, currently embodied in trans-national global corporations such as Google, Netflix, Facebook, Paypal, etc, all owned or run by Jews, use words as weapons in a propaganda war with no regard for their actual meaning. And that the word ‘antisemitism’, like so many other words has been robbed of its logical meaning and changed to mean what the Judaized globalists want it to mean in their global propaganda campaign against European Whites. And the meaning they have chosen to apply to ‘antisemitism’ is ‘whatever Jews don’t like’. Starting with any objective investigation or criticism of the standard, i.e., Jewish, view of the so-called Holocaust in any way, shape, or form, and in any capacity whatever. That is the modern twist in the meaning of the word, and that is what the Canadian Code actually means: any criticism whatsoever of the so-called Holocaust, even to asking whether 6,000,000 Jews were killed, or only 5,999,999, becomes ‘antisemitism’ and a jailing offense as ‘downplaying the Holocaust’, and in turn becomes ‘promoting antisemiticism’, i.e., saying something that Jews don’t like.

The Octopus continues to spread its tentacles across the world, each tentacle bearing a familiar name: Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google, Oracle, Microsoft, Paypal, Viacom, Time-Warner, Disney, Comcast, etc., with new tentacles appearing each day, a six-pointed star branded on its brow since each named is either owned or run by Jews, and Jews only support other Jews, while robbing Gentiles with sky-high-interest usury and an economy built on a dangerous pyramid of universal debt. Canada is merely the latest province of many to fall a victim to the Octopus’s python-like strangulation.