The United States used to be an actual place. It used to be a society where people knew who they were and how they fit into an actual community. It wasn’t socialist or individualist or protectionist or capitalist. It was a place where most spoke the same language, had the same values and education, and the same expectations more or less of everyone. The U.S. was Protestant, English, white, and adhered for the most part to a common European culture of honor and fair play in a widespread network of close family relations, even if not everyone were entirely happy with the relations they had. To help preserve this relational network and its common core values we invented something called the Federal Constitution. The Federal Constitution had formal limits on its powers, unlike state constitutions which had no formal limit on their sovereignty and domestic powers and no state possessed a restrictive bill of rights before 1860 such as the first ten federal amendments that restricted the powers of the federal government alone.

People who could not live with the federal system could always move further west and set up a new state where they could govern themselves as they wished, as the Mormons did in the 1840s and as Texians did in the 1830s. Most people today remain unaware that almost every state in the Union was represented in the death list at the Alamo. The early Texians wanted no part of the old United States with its growing federal power, but desired a new nation, one where the white character of the population would be unquestioned. It was written directly into the 1836 Texas Constitution that no blacks and presumably no Indians could ever be free citizens of the new nation and this was also true of early California and Washington state, not to mention Utah where until this century no black could become a Mormon. Read the Book of Mormon if there is any doubt that the religion was intended to exclude blacks and Indians.

After the Civil War, all this came to a screeching halt and it was no longer possible to set up a new nation on the periphery of the new Imperial U.S. The federal Constitution was not meant to govern but rather to limit government, but this was completely reversed after 1865 with the new 14th Amendment embodying a virtual mini-Constitution in and of itself, in contradiction to the rest of the document. Designed to barely govern a unitary society of one language, one race, one religion, and one culture, the new all-powerful federal burocracy, almost before the cannon echoes faded in 1865, launched military campaign after military campaign not only across what remained of North America with only stern warnings from Britain preventing an invasion of Canada, but the new American fleet with contingents of marines spilled across the Pacific to force open Japan (1850), invade Korea (1871), occupy Alaska (1867) and Hawaii (1898), culminating in the occupation of Panama, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines (1898), and intervened militarily in most Central American nations while occupying Panama permanently.

Along with this imperial explosion, which soon chased the French out of Mexico without even a warning shot, came an entirely new conception of society. Multi-ethnic, multi-lingual, multi-racial, into a global and globalist imperial industrial economy, and dominated by new industrial magnates with growing concentrations into monopolies and semi-monopolies. Every industrial and financial concentration was matched by a corresponding destruction of the former relational society where every person could trace his or her ancestry to the British Isles or northern Europe and could identify himself in relation to multiple family members situated across the country.

Atomization was the new order of the day, and after an Indian Summer between 1924 and 1965 when immigration was restricted, that is where we are now. Reduced to mere consumption nodes, we can no longer even presume gender, since the average wage, which formerly was sufficient for a man to support a wife and several children, is now no longer sufficient with both husband and wife working, and even if they have no children at all. Not only have jobs been outsourced, but the raising of children has been outsourced. Instead of an extended family, once reduced to the bizarrely minuscule nuclear family, now the expensive burden of raising children has been outsourced to poor third-world countries increasingly in the throes of food and energy shortages which are then robbed of the product of their sacrifices via a “brain drain” of fully mature and largely educated immigrants to the U.S.

The global Empire with its billionaire oligarchs actively recruits fully-grown military-age adults to flood into the U.S. where the colleges — which have become private profit-making globalist businesses masquerading as non-profit educational institutions, all at tax expense — channel the graduates directly into American industry, displacing U.S. citizens who made the error of getting married and seeking to perpetuate their own DNA. Imperial America does not want its atomized, drug-addicted, hyper-taxed, deliberately under-educated subjects to encroach on the profitability of the globalist corporations that count the U.S. as only one of their many subject global provinces. Imperial Democrat America — and whoever said that democratic republics do not invade other countries clearly never looked seriously either at America or at the Republic of Rome — will go to any length to ensure that every imperial subject believes and presumes that every subject is physically and intellectually interchangeable with every other subject under the precis that it is the ultimate religious sin to presume any difference in capability, intellectual or otherwise, among the various races and various ethnicities of the global enterprise. Any questioning of this religious catechism of the PC Cult of Wokeness, set down by the globalist monopolies and their oligarchs, is met with hostility and legal persecution in this modern plutocratic theocracy.

And yet, to quote Galileo, it moves.

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