However eccentric and even incompetent Trump may have been, and he certainly had more than his share of faults as a president, he was still notable for several qualities. First, he knew what he stood for: he was a blue-collar billionaire who seemed determined to break up the globalist Deep State in Washington DC. Like a bull in a china shop, he entered office ready to smash everything in sight and restore greatness to America and sovereignty to the common working man, the “deplorables”. This is why he won the 2016 election. Second, he hoped to reduce American military commitments overseas and get smug Europeans, who had taken advantage of the American military for decades, to start paying for their own defense. Most importantly, however, while he did not clearly champion whites per se, he at least was not in bed with the globalist Woke crowd whose primary obsession is and was to promote their fanatical PC Cult of Wokeness thruout society. He was an American nationalist who saw nothing wrong with white working folk which fact drove the Cultists mad with hatred against Trump, hate without end.

In the late Roman Empire of the 3rd century AD, Christianity had many variants but was united on one thing: the overthrow of classical paganism with its polytheism and required emperor worship. Paganism too had its faults, but aside from the minor requirement of sacrificing to the current emperor as a symbol of loyalty to Rome, it was overall a tolerant and diverse set of beliefs that had carried Europe and the Near East successfully for thousands of years until it came under attack by monotheistic religions. Henotheism had been at work in the Near East and Southwest Asia for centuries and by the late Roman Empire had coalesced into fanatical monotheism that united religion and state and could not tolerate the beliefs of any place that preferred their own deity.

In the 3rd century AD (or perhaps we should say CE for Common Era), the Emperor Aurelian inherited a Rome that was crumbling in all directions. He reconquered Gaul and then defeated Queen Zenobia whose Palmyrene Empire had seized half of Anatolia (Asia Minor), Palestine, Syria, and Egypt, thus threatening Constantinople with a grain blockade. The Palmyrene state worshipped a local version of Ba’al, the same storm god that the later Muslims renamed Allah. Aurelian, on the other hand, fostered the cult of Sol Invictus, an update of the ancient Greek god Apollo.

When Constantine won the battle of the Milvian Bridge in 312 against Maxentius, he won it in the name of this same Sol Invictus — contrary to later Christian backdated inventions that alleged he won the battle in the name of the Christian Christ. When Constantine occupied Rome, he erected a triumphal arch next to the Colosseum and this arch had, and still has, images of Sol Invictus upon it, but no trace of Christianity. He further erected a gigantic bronze statue of himself posing as Sol Invictus visible through the arch such that the sun could be seen topping the head of the statue. His statue was called the Colossus which is where the term Colosseum comes from. The day of rest that we call Sunday was the day of rest to honor the Sun, Sol Invictus, established by the late Roman emperors devoted to the sun god, Sol Invictus. Constantine erected in his new imperial capital of Constantinople a similar huge statue that also had a spray of rays attached to the huge statue’s head to symbolize the sun’s rays, with Constantine’s own face carved on the statue.

Soon after, however, Constantine’s Christian wife and the by then mostly Christian upper classes of the Eastern Mediterranean persuaded him to convert to Christianity and this he did and soon promoted himself as not only Roman Emperor but head of a new orthodox centrally controlled Christian Church which became for all practical purposes the official religion of the entire Roman Empire at the Council of Nicaea in 325, after the Edit of Milan legalized Christianity in 313. After 325, Christianity was effectively given free reign to attack paganism throughout the Empire.

Paganism was too entrenched to easily be made to disappear. In 361, having barely survived a bloody purge by the previous “Christian” emperor, young Julian acceded to power and became Emperor of Rome. In his brief reign, Julian restored paganism as much as he could, rebuilding temples that Christian mobs had destroyed, and deprived the Christian clergy of their prior privileged status as the favored religion of the Empire. Julian reigned for only two years and died on his way to invade Sassanid Persia in 363. In the wake of his death, a series of vengeful Christian Roman Emperors such as the weak Theodosius demolished the last pagan temples in the Empire and encouraged mobs to slaughter and torture pagan priests wherever found, which was consolidated with the Edict of Thessalonika in 380 (thank you to a reader who helped me correct this) which made Christianity the state religion of the Empire. Tens of thousands of pagans and polytheists adhering to the ancient classical religion were murdered in pogroms and massacres during this period. In less than thirty years, paganism vanished and Christianity was never again challenged in the Mediterranean until a newer even more violent religion appeared, Islam.

Given the steady expansion of today’s PC Cult, which is a variant of the Abrahamic tradition of union of state and religion, a mixture of Marxism and Christianity with strong Jewish overtones, indeed led mostly by Jews, the modern West has entered a period that parallels the thirty years which followed the death of Julian. Trump in many ways was another Julian, an “emperor” who attempted to turn back the clock and restore nationalism, family, restricting immigration to protect the American working class, and fewer military commitments abroad, but was undermined by the Uniparty and the Deep State, which simply refused to obey his commands.

With the “death” of Trump, our modern Julian has died and with him has gone perhaps the last recrudescence of Americanism. Now comes the deluge: faked elections, unbearable taxes, inflation, depression, the rich getting richer with zero effort and the cooperation of a state overseeing organized looting of America by usurious international banks, a new fanatical PC religion that has become the State Religion of the US in defiance of the First Amendment, death of the Constitution, and ruthless suppression of all political and religious opposition. Even a new Star Chamber, the J6 Committee, to criminalize anyone who dares criticize or protest.

We are truly in a new War of Religions, but only one religion seems to realize this and is prepared to take the streets with its Antifa militia and BLM thugs. Trump himself will also be “criminalized” since he has dared to resist the Cult by running again. He cannot win because the Woke Cult now has full control of the “electoral” machinery in the imperial provinces which it owns and no ensuring of “fair elections” in red states can possibly overcome this via elections. The time that elections could reverse the now certain outcome is gone. Julian is dead. May he rest in peace.

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