The collapse of American institutions continues apace and is spreading in the most amazing ways. When I was in college it was still possible to educate oneself by selecting the courses one wished to take after completing the required lower-tier coursework. These required courses were courses like English, math, basic science, history, and a foreign language. There were many electives one could choose to expand one’s mental repertoire. I took, for instance, business, geology, astronomy, philosophy, world history, anthropology, archaeology, piano, computer programming, calculus, statistics, French, Spanish, Hebrew, and Greek, if I remember them all. Then went on to graduate school in history and a law degree. Each course was genuinely educational. Not one was a bullshit course designed for ideological indoctrination. So I actually received–or rather obtained–an education.

Schools today, however, from what I read and hear, are dropping standardized tests for admissions purposes. What a mistake! When I was an undergrad there were already many morons who I believe had no business being in a major university. But they were there, doing what subnormal intellects usually do: playing basketball, or football, or some other physical sport, even if they had difficulty spelling their own name. They weren’t there for ideological reasons, the schools just had their priorities screwed up.

Dropping standardized testing is not about inclusion, despite what they say. It’s not about establishing quotas for different physical and cultural types. No, it’s not about letting in a few aspirants who might prosper after suffering discrimination in their domestic life (which yours truly actually did). It’s about ensuring that intelligent people don’t get in. The key to understanding this is to realize that today’s top tier colleges, filtering down to all, are not institutions for educating students, but are monasteries for indoctrinating neophytes into the PC Cult, a religion. In fact, it is the official religion of the U.S., required n enforced at every level of government n society. We live in a Theocracy like the Spanish Inquisition. No one ever expects the Spanish Inquisition but we are living in it.

The whole purpose of dropping entrance exams is to make sure that the entering ‘student’ body will be unintelligent. The smart are not wanted because they may see through the illusion that they are getting educated. But the unintelligent will not understand what is happening to them, that they are not being educated but being indoctrinated into the fanatical, violent, repressive PC Cult of Wokeness. The only way to understand what is happening in the U.S. today, and in Europe, is to realize that we are in a War of Religion n that anyone who resists Wokeness is an illegal heretic targeted to be burned at the stake, figuratively for now with careers n bank accounts canceled, but perhaps literally in the not too distant future.

The burocrats who admit students into college are not abandoning entrance exams or other standardized tests because they believe they are not accurate. They are banning them precisely because they know they are accurate. Dealing with Wokesters, it’s not a question of good or bad arguments, or logic, or facts, or science, but only religious faith. The best way to counter the Cult is for dissenting states to set up rival educational institutions with public funding that ban all aspects of Wokeness n then require remedial / deprogramming courses for all incoming students and transfers in from Woke-ruined institutions. Then strangle the Woke-ruined colleges by withdrawing their funding and not allowing any of their professors to switch to the new colleges unless they prove they have no taint of Wokeness in their past.

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