It never ceases to amaze me that in the US the media is obsessed with the Jewish Holocaust. And not just the media, but education and entertainment, with Holocaust museums going up all over the US and Europe. Yet no one wants to talk about the other holocausts. I don’t want to make light of what happened to many Jews during WW2, if only a small part of the histories are correct then many were killed unnecessarily and brutally in a criminal act of state policy. Yet it may well be that a majority of the victims in German camps were not Jews but non-Jews, marked as ‘undesirables’. Where are their museums?

There have been many ‘holocausts’ around the world, before and since, that may give the German event a run for its money.

For example, there was the Armenian Holocaust of 1915 during WW1 when the Young Turks attempted a population transfer of ‘disloyal’ Armenians to Syria, which resulted in up to 2 million deaths as the population was forced to walk that long distance without food and water while being assaulted and murdered by angry Turks. This holocaust alone likely far outweighs the number of Jews killed in WW2 if only researchers could investigate the matter without fear of being imprisoned for ‘Holocaust Denial’. Where are their museums?

Then there was the Ukrainian holocaust in which up to 5 million people were deliberately starved to death in 1932-33 when Stalin and his Communist henchmen, many of them Jews, corralled them into ‘kolkhozia’ ostensibly to increase grain production but actually to create concentration camps that would make the peasants subject to greater state control. The state, meaning the Communist Party in Moscow, stripped Ukraine of grain for years, slaughtering any who resisted, deporting more labeled as ‘kulaks’ to Siberian concentration camps, and exporting the grain to pay for building the Red Army, which became as a result the largest and best prepared military in the world, all for the purpose of eventual Communist expansion into Europe. Since the majority of the Soviet leadership were Jews, some historians have said that Jews therefore killed many times more Ukrainians than the number of Jews killed by Germany in the 1940s. Where are their museums?

And there was the holocaust inflicted on Germany in 1919. After the Germans negotiated an armistice in 1918, the Allies continued their illegal military blockade of food into Germany which starved 600,000 German civilians to death–after peace was declared. In protest, the German fleet sailed to Scapa Flow and scuttled the entire fleet in the harbor to make certain the duplicitous and cruel Allies did not get their hands on their ships. When the Versailles Treaty was finally imposed, it outraged the entire nation of Germany who believed they had been tricked by the ‘armistice’ and that the Allies were in fact continuing their war with the utter destruction of Germany as their goal. There are no museums for them.

Not to mention the second German holocaust during and after WW2 as Allied bombers illegally targeted German civilians, burning and asphixiating millions of wounded soldiers, women, and children. This was followed after another ‘peace’ by the wholesale massacre and expulsion of many millions of Germans out of East Europe and brutally expelled out of a reconstituted Czechoslovakia and a newly created Soviet Poland, resulting in the deaths of millions more German civilians. No museums for them either.

And let’s not forget the holocaust inflicted on Russia/Soviet Union during WW2 which resulted in, as some historians assert, up to 26 million deaths. Of course, most were the predictable casualties of any vicious war, and both sides knew from the start that the Geneva Conventions on the rules of war would not be observed since the Soviets were not signatories to the 1929 Convention on treatment of POWs and since Britain had led the way by ignoring international law with its food blockade of Germany and its targeting of German civilians by air, not to mention that the Soviets’ preparations for its invasion of Germany and the rest of Europe were nearing readiness when the Germans invaded. Yes, there are many monuments to the deaths caused by the German invasion in Russia today but not elsewhere.

And we’re far from done. There is the holocaust inflicted in China by the Stalinist Chinese Communists in 1948-49 and again during the Great Leap Forward in the 1950s which resulted in so many deaths that the British in Hong Kong could see their bodies floating down the rivers out of the mainland. Followed by the wholesale murders during the Red Guard violence of the 1960s. Historians estimate that the Chinese Communist Party killed up to 30 million people.

Next is the slaughter inflicted by the Cambodian Communists, the Khmer Rouge, in Cambodia in the late 1970s. They literally removed the entire urban population at bayonet point, herded them into rural concentration camps, and forced the survivors to engage in agriculture, tho without pausing in their systematic extermination of the hated ‘bourgeois’. Researchers estimate that 1.5 million were murdered, half the population of the country. No museums for them either.

And there is the centuries-long Atlantic slave trade conducted largely if not mostly by Sephardic Jews of Portugal and Spain, continuing their centuries-long slave trade of whites and Europeans by Jews in the Mediterranean who sold them to Muslims in Africa and to the Muslim Ottomans. And the centuries long slave trade conducted by Tatars and Mongols who sold vast numbers of Ukrainians and Russians down the Volga to Iran. This continued the even more ancient slave trade of Ukrainians and Russians by the Jewish Khazars in the north Caucusus who sold them to Iran and the Muslims of the Mid-East, and the direct slave raiding by Ottoman ships along the coasts of Italy, Spain, and France, even to Ireland and Iceland. No one knows the number of those who died, but it certainly amounted to many millions of Europeans enslaved and who eventually died in captivity, a holocaust that lasted well over a thousand years.

There is also the holocaust of the population of the South during and after the American Civil War when huge numbers were deliberately starved by official policy as the North regained its exploited Southern colony by military means and by the ‘scorched earth’ tactics of the uncivilized General Sherman and in the Union prison camps. The museums and monuments that the South set up to commemorate its fallen are now being removed or closed even while Jewish museums are being erected.

And there’s more. There are no museums that I’m aware of commemorating the massacre of 700,000 Tutsi by the Bantus in Rwanda in the 1990s, not long after a similar massacre of Bantus by Tutsis in the same place a few years earlier. One would have to travel to Rwanda to search for museums.

And in Indonesia, up to 1 million alleged Communists were murdered by then President Sukarno after an alleged Communist coup attempt. I say alleged because most of the victims were in fact Chinese ethnics whose talents and energy had enabled them to gain control of most of Indonesia’s economy. The purge exterminated most Chinese and replaced them with ethnic Indonesians. Again, no museums to the victims.

Last on the list–for now at least–is the ongoing war between Ethiopia and its breakaway provinces of Eritrea and Tigray, which has resulted in likely well over 600,000 deaths. Like Rwanda, the US media ignores it.

Each of these holocausts likely resulted in greater numbers of dead than the so-called Jewish Holocaust, which, as mentioned, probably killed more non-Jews than Jews. But given their control of the American media, they own the term.

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