Despite the opposition of the establishment leaders of the Texas Republican Party and a hit piece by the Dallas Morning News trying to halt Texas First Pledge signers from winning any of their primaries, twenty Texas First Pledge signers won their primary elections on Super Tuesday, and eight others advanced to a run-off.

The struggle for Texas Firsters to gain acceptance within the Texas Republican Party has been intense given that the Party leaders have strenously opposed both any hint of Texas independence including putting any such resolution before the Texas voters, and any support for former President Donald Trump, whom the Texas Republican Party tried to block from winning in 2016 even though Trump was the GOP candidate. All Repubs in Texas know today that there is no chance of ending the DC Uniparty or ending the reign of the Never-Trumpers until the entire Texas Republican leadership is replaced.

These pledged Texians won their primaries and advanced to the general election:

Joseph L. Trahan, State Senator, Senate District 15
Michael Stevens, State Board of Education District 1
Steve Toth, State Representative, House District 15
Janis Holt, State Representative, House District 18
Wesley Virdell, State Representative, House District 53
Shelley Luther, State Representative, House District 62
Mitch Little, State Representative, House District 65
Ben Mostyn, State Representative, House District 117
Fred Brown, County Commissioner, Brazos County
William Zagorski Sr., County Commissioner, San Patricio County
Christina Drewry, County Commissioner, Smith County
Nathan Buchanan, Sheriff, Bexar County

These pledged Texians advanced to run-offs:

David Covey, State Representative, House District 21
Andy Hopper, State Senator, House District 64
Summara Kanwal, State Representative, House District 76
Lea Simmons, State Representative, House District 76
David Lowe, State Representative, House District 91
Mary Bone, State Board Of Education, District 10
John Rutherford, Constable, Atascosa County
Bull Guthrie, County Commissioner, Llano County

These pledged Texians won their party races:

Allen West, County Chair, Dallas County
Gwen Withrow, County Chair, Montgomery County
Tammy Blackwell, Precinct Chair, Walker County
Mike Montes, Precinct Chair, Denton County
Ron Smith, Precinct Chair, Walker County
Joe Sager, Precinct Chair, Montgomery County
Timothy Curtiss, Precinct Chair, Denton County
Joy Roberts, Precinct Chair, Grayson County