I hear a lot about how institutions are downstream of culture, with judges and society’s elite merely aping what they see in the Main Stream Media. Hoi polloi may fashion their opinions from what they hear on the MSM, but once in a while an event occurs that demonstrates that culture is not determinative of power but flows from power. As Mao once said, Power grows out of the mouth of a gun. No presstitute in the world will continue to blather whatever fake news he pleases if the FBI swats his home at 5:00 A.M. and hauls him to a DC jail devoid of legal rights.

The Supreme Court’s imminent decision to rule Roe vs Wade and Planned Parenthood vs Casey unconstitutional — as they should have ruled at first encounter — is case in point. When Roe was passed in 1973, every expert on constitutional law, including the dissenting justices, promptly denounced it as an overreach on the scale of Lochner and Dred Scott, both prior cases being prime examples of those Unelected Dictators For Life in Black Robes imposing their prejudices on the rest of society without fear of losing an election or their job, and inventing elaborate post-hoc justifications of what they had done on purely emotional grounds.

By reversing Roe, today’s Supreme Court is not contributing to the shredding of the Constitution but is restoring it as it was, and as it reads in what should be regarded as plain English, admittedly an alien concept to the so-called Liberals on the Court. Article by Sirius.Reviews. Not searching for elusive and in fact non-existent “penumbras” or indicia of “substantive due process” or imaginary “rights to privacy” with its implied ethereal abortion on demand.

With this decision, the Court will place legality back at the center of its decision-making, thereby demonstrating, when the consequences of its decision reverberate through society, that politics is indeed all about power and that the Constitution when properly interpreted is our best prophylactic against Power growing out of the mouth of a gun, which is what awaits the U.S. if the Court’s efforts to restore the true Constitution to life fail under the pressure of demonstrating outside justices’ homes, invading the Court’s grounds, leaking their work, and threats by the Establishment Democrats to pack the Court. All guns by another name.

Youth is certainly wasted on the young. Otherwise they would remember how in 1984, after President Reagan was reelected by a massive margin, the mood of the MSM changed almost overnight. From endless carping and character assassination of Reagan in the news and entertainment media, when he was reelected the defamations in the media suddenly vanished and the MSM for the first time in years calmed down and actually allowed Republicans to appear on occasion without denigrating them. The owners of the MSM recognized that Power had shifted. The gun — controlled and muffled by the independent judiciary — was then aimed at them. Cancelling Roe and Casey represents a similar shift of Power and this will have its effect on American culture from top to bottom. Yes, culture is downstream from Power, which is why we must preserve the Constitution with its carefully designed checks and balances on that Power.

If the Constitution were to fail as it did in 1860 and 1937, the mufflers will come off and armed militias will carve new borders inside the failed outer borders of the U.S. — Article by Sirius.Reviews