On December 1, 1934, a popular Bolshevik leader named Sergei Kirov was assassinated in Leningrad \ St. Petersburg. His murder set off a search for wreckers, deviationists, and ultimately any person who had the potential of rivaling Stalin for political power. Researchers today believe that it was Stalin himself who arranged the murder of Kirov because Kirov had secured the backing of the entire Communist (formerly Bolshevik) Party organization in Leningrad while Stalin enjoyed the support of the Moscow organization. The Soviet Union was still in the midst of a virtual civil war over Stalin’s forced collectivization program and large parts of the SU resisted this and wanted Stalin’s policy, or Stalin himself, removed.

Stalin tolerated no rival and no resistance to his policies. He used the murder of Kirov to investigate and then arrest his political opponents inside the Party and later his investigations expanded to the entire country and the Soviet military. Hundreds of thousands were convicted on trumped up fantastic charges and either shot or sent to the prison Gulag to do hard labor under starvation rations in what amounted to a slow execution. His NKVD (formerly Cheka), which was composed mostly of Jews and run by Jews, removed 3 out of 5 marshals, dozens of generals, and over 1300 other officers. Most were either shot by the NKVD or sent to the Jewish-run Gulag after secret trials where they were accused of conspiring with foreign Fascists. Once Stalin was certain that his rule was no longer threatened, the trials became public, where various “wreckers” were tried and sentenced to death or labor with no defense provided. These famous “show” trials, which frightened and disgusted the world in 1938-1939, were conducted by Stalin’s Jewish hangman Yagoda, and then by his Jewish Commissar Yezhov.

The Democratic Party, which has come to resemble the Soviet Communist Party, is using its control of the DOJ organization in DC, at the urging of Biden and his Jewish Commissar Merrick Garland, to drum up fake charges against political opponents, especially Mar-a-Lago in Florida, just as Stalin used his power base in Moscow to attack the rival power base in Leningrad. It is impossible for anyone charged with a crime by the corrupt DC DOJ, or the DC political establishment itself, to get a fair trial in DC, as it is Dem occupied territory and anyone who dares to vote the wrong way will find the entire DC political establishment jumping on him with both feet, including publication of his/her face and name. The Dem Party enforces internal discipline just as the Communists did.

The J6 investigation is the Democratic Party’s version of the Kirov murder. Just as Stalin gradually enlarged the circle of the accused until it vastly outgrew the murder of one man, the J6 investigation is gradually enlarging its circle of accused beyond the few who trespassed on January 6, 2021. The FBI is so busy implementing the politicized orders of the evil dwarf Merrick Garland that they have no time to investigate genuine national problems like the Epstein Records, or Hunter’s laptop, or the slaughter of hundreds of people at the country-music festival in Las Vegas in 2017, tho the FBi seems satisfied with the obvious patsy, Stephen Paddock.

The Dem Party — which is really motivated by the new religion which I call the PC Cult — may be on the verge of arresting thousands of people on the ridiculous charge of aiding and abetting J6 offenders through the act of joining the Republican Party, which could soon be labeled a “terrorist organization” that fomented an insurrection, and thus outlawed. The only thing that can stop the growing arrests is for the Republicans to regain the House and Senate in November, 2022. The problem here is that the Dems have now perfected their art of fake voting, specifically with 3:00 AM ballot boxes that can reverse every election when Republicans seem to be winning. We are on the verge of seeing elections overturned by Woke federal (read “Bolshevik”) judges on the grounds that “racist Republicans” rigged the election.

Things To Come?