“Chutzpah” is demanding a great reward when one’s bad behavior actually warrants punishment or penalty. An example from the news is the militarist dictator Zelensky begging for military assistance from anyone and everyone who will listen after his military buildup and protracted shelling of innocent Russians in the Donbass, who were technically his compatriots, triggered an entirely predictable intervention by neighboring Russia. Another example is Biden’s Jewish handlers ignoring the illegal invasion along America’s southern border and even helping those invaders, while at the same time rushing to help the Jewish dictator Zelensky halt Russia’s fully justified military intervention.

Even more chutzpah: threatening NATO countries with retaliation via IMF and greenmail, bankrupting their own nations and plunging their economies and people into ruin by renouncing all Russian fossil fuels. And we’re still not done: Biden’s hack Jewish appointee, Attorney General Merrick Garland, who had the gall to appoint yet another corrupt Jew, Eli Rosenbaum, as special investigator for possible Russian war crimes — as if Ukraine were the 52nd state of the United States, after Israel, the 51st, while ignoring the well-documented war crimes committed by Zelensky’s henchmen, and after Ukraine violated its own Minsk accords with Russia.

And the examples just keep coming. The illegal usurper Biden, having stolen the 2020 presidential election in the best-documented massive case of voter fraud in American history — and that’s saying something — sees fit to guarantee Israel’s border against invasion and illegal immigration and Ukraine’s borders against invasion while ignoring the explosion of crime, riots, and immigration fraud inside the US. And Biden’s heavily Jewish cabinet and Jewish appointees to virtually every federal post of consequence, not to mention the Democrats putting dual-citizen Jews in charge of the most powerful Congressional committees, see fit to commit the US budget and US military for the exclusive use of two Jewish states: Israel and Ukraine, bankrupting the US and depleting the US military of its weapons stocks, as they have already depleted the weapons stocks of UK, Germany and Czechia. Most of these advanced weapons have already been either destroyed by Russia, or sold on the black market, or captured and are now being reverse engineered by Russia and China.

All this in pursuit of a foreign policy goal that has nothing whatever to do with American interests, but everything to do with Jewish hatred of the Russian Orthodox Church and Jewish anger at Russians for abandoning Jewish Bolshevism and the Soviet Union. Biden’s Jewish cabinet blatantly and openly uses the US military and the US federal budget for the exclusive use of their religious compatriots in Israel and Ukraine, while denying their use for the protection of the US itself.

That’s “chutzpah”.