What’s the difference between chimp, chump, and champ? A chimp is an ape who mimics others and aggressively puts himself forward, though he has no understanding of what he does. For example, Joe Biden, who could not comprehend a doorknob without the large team of greedy, manipulative dual-citizens behind him who direct his every thought and move, without regard for the good of the U.S. since their primary loyalty is elsewhere.

A chump is someone who knowingly and willingly follows the instructions of others, but does not realize that when the going gets tough they will dump him in a New York minute. For example, Boris Johnson, erstwhile Prime Minister of the UK, who thought that just because he placed his entire political fortune at the disposal of the American-imposed Jewish regime of Zelensky in Ukraine that he therefore would enjoy the support of wealthy Jews in the UK or the US. He was wrong because he failed to realize that when push comes to shove Jews only support other Jews and when the economy tanked, since he is not a Jew, and does not sit in the White House but only in bankrupt Britain, he was left with zero support. That is a Grade A chump.

A champ is one who rises to every conflict, wins repeatedly, and creates his own support out of little or nothing, without going to rich aliens hat in hand for imagined solid support. Am I about to name Trump? I would since he rises to every conflict like a fighter and wins repeatedly his entire life and he created his own support in the Republican Party despite the hostile opposition of every leading RINO in the Party, until he today has practically taken the Party away from them all and sits as Kingmaker within the Party. Unfortunately, Trump not only has family ties to rich New York Jews since his daughter married Jared Kushner, and he recruited milquetoast Jews into his cabinet, but he went further and did all he could to buy Jewish support away from the Democrats by switching America’s Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and by freely giving to Israel American recognition of Israel’s ownership of the Golan Heights while making no mention of the bloody Israeli attack on the USS Liberty in 1967. All this accomplished nothing. The Jews made Trump a chump by abandoning him as completely as they did Boris Johnson, and the Dems ballot-boxed him out of office in an election marked by a 3 a.m. avalanche of fake votes. But Trump is no chimp and maybe the next time around, as he rises to the next fight, he will know better than to try to buy people who only remain bought till the sun goes down.