Not long ago certain facts came to my attention, facts which I found surprising inasmuch as, like many not too-badly-off professionals, surviving if not quite fully prospering in the practice of law, I had somehow missed them for many years, which was especially surprising considering that although I had completed several college degrees with over 700 college hours and had traveled the world, I had not been confronted with these facts or been presented with them by any of my professors at any time or by the vast number of academic books that I had read.

This came to a head with The Bell Curve. The credentials of the authors Herrnstein & Murray and their highly persuasive presentation of the significance of IQ, or more precisely of the “g factor”, launched me in a wholly unexpected direction. The first fact was the profound life-long significance of “g factor”, or overall intelligence as measured in cognitive processing and problem-solving. The second fact was the revelation that not every group has the same g factor according to measurements devised by cognitive measurement professionals like the late Professor Hernnstein, who was not only a professor of cognitive psychology at Harvard, but chief editor of the top academic journal specializing in measurement of cognition. IOW, Herrnstein was widely acknowledged as the highest authority extant on the subject of measuring cognition. Murray, OTOH, was a specialist in social statistics and sociology and not strictly speaking an academic.

Upon reflection, the fact that no two groups are the same would seem to be not just unarguable but obvious upon a moment’s reflection. If no two people ever have the exact same height, weight, personality, and intelligence, then no two groups–however they may be defined–could possibly have the exact same characteristics either. Every group will vary. The odds of all members of a mammalian species that is subject to biological adaptation to varied environments over millennia having the same characteristics, including intelligence, is like that of a baseball passing through a solid wall. Possible according to quantum mechanics, but so unlikely as probably not to occur anywhere in the observable universe. Diversity in g factor is as certain among humans as diversity in skin and hair color, and as permanent. Therefore, the most fundamental presumption of liberals, that every group has the same intellectual capacity and was born with a ‘blank slate’, is simply wrong.

H&M’s hypothesis, drawn from massively documented and intimately described statistical measures that g factor plays a significant role in all manner of social ills, was eye-opening. Their third point–in fact, a minor part of their book The Bell Curve–was more than eye-opening, it was a revelation: African-Americans not only score substantially lower than non-blacks on average on virtually all trustworthy statistical measures by approximately one standard deviation, but also correlate higher than non-blacks in every measure of social ill. Too many to list here, but most notably in violent crime. The hypothesis, not actually clearly stated in the book, was that the lower average IQ of blacks plays a role in their higher crime rates and poverty rates. Never in all my many hundreds of hours of college courses from six major universities and three college degrees had these facts ever come to my attention. Thus the common retort “Whites do it too” is nothing but a feeble attempt at “Howaboutism”, totally lacking in validity.

A final nail in the coffin of my prior Libertarian perspective and my growing distrust of formal college education was the realization from The Bell Curve that IQ tests are not culturally biased since when IQ tests are refashioned to remove all verbal cues and made purely abstract, the IQ spread between blacks and non-blacks becomes higher. IOW, if IQ tests are culturally biased–a familiar claim by those unfamiliar with such testing–it is in favor of blacks and enables them to score higher than otherwise. Therefore, IQ tests do not score high merely for those who are good at taking tests, but must measure something more fundamental, the elusive g factor, much like an Olympic runner is not merely good at sprinting on a particular track but in fact is better at running than most people.

This post was not supposed to be a tell-all on How Yours Truly lurched to the Right-Wing, but TBC opened my mind to unexpected horizons and reinforced an outlook that had been percolating for years due to writers such as George Gilder. Consuming another few hundred books, I gradually came to realize that the West was under siege, and not merely by the growing incidence of black street crime, studiously ignored by the monopolized mainstream media, but by all of its institutions from education to governmental bodies.

The truth is that the West is under assault by a fanatical, violent religion that has declared war on every vestige of Western civilization, a war primarily on people of European descent. This means indigenous Europeans and every person of European descent who lives outside of Europe. No place that contains Whites–shorthand for people of predominantly European Christian descent–is immune from this attack which has the genocide of Whites as its goal. The religion has slogans that amount to catechisms: “Diversity is our strength”, “Our Democracy”, “[Only] Black Lives Matter”, “Save the Planet”. These are enforced by force of law and no debate is ever allowed regarding their desirability.

This violent religion is the PC Cult, for Politically Correct, or, as they sometimes call themselves, the Woke. In my book A Beginners Guide to the PC Cult, I describe the details of this Cult, where it came from, who ‘runs’ it, why the cultists act the way they do, and the philosophical and historical underpinnings of its founding, including Communism, Cultural Marxism, and the ideas of Nietzsche, and why the Cult has similarities to 19th century Millerite Christian revivals.

Members of the Cult are sometimes termed Social Justice Warriors. SJWs adhere to an ideology of biological and racial identity. The key to understanding their behavior is to realize that, in their highly media-conditioned outlook, melanin is sacred and can do no wrong, while Whiteness–a ‘disease’ stemming from lack of sacred melanin–is the new Original Sin. Unlike Christian Original Sin, which can be removed by atonement, in the PC Cult, Whiteness is permanent because it is rooted in biology and cannot be changed. Therefore Whites can never atone for their sin since their sin is racial and cannot be altered. The Cult’s God(dess) is Mother Earth, modernized as ‘Environmentalism’. Blacks are the sacred Chosen People of Mother Earth. Just as Christ was killed by sinful pagans, Mother Earth has been or is about to be killed by sinful Whites. Whiteness is Chaos and Death and Whites can only atone by not reproducing; Blackness is fecund and of-the-Earth and blacks have a duty to propagate and to destroy White heretics and remove their Whiteness wherever they are found–by any means whatever, including by crime and violence.

Click for book: A Beginners Guide to the PC Cult.

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If one does not understand that we are in a new War of Religion and that all Whites are by nature heretics whose very existence is seen as intolerable blasphemy–even if only one side yet realizes that it is at war–then one understands nothing about the modern West. One will remain confused and continue to seek an illusory peace by repeated compromises while one is subjected to the increasing oppression of the new “Spanish Inquisition” of the Woke PC Cult, which has become the official state religion of not just the U.S. but of most of Europe and Australia, and has available the machinery of the state in its goal of genociding heretical Whites.

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Excerpt from CHAPTER 10:


. . .

“This hypocrisy is another insight into the mental universe of SJWs: demanding that both sexes be treated equally when it benefits women, but when equality might infringe on one of their traditional rights as women and homemakers, loudly condemning equality. And, despite the trendy class-war rhetoric of Ivy League SJWs, there is no recognition of the dilemma, even plight, of lower-class women who lack the IQ to attend college, having been rejected by the same SJW college recruiters who proclaim that IQ is illusory, and who are faced with the choice of becoming either the house-wife of an auto mechanic, or – falling for the siren-song of privileged, upper-class Feminists by aborting, divorcing, and getting a job – ending up working at McDonald’s for minimum wage for the rest of her life while shelving her kids in an expensive daycare.

For every ‘liberated’ upper class SJW woman teaching fake divinity-like Ethnic Studies courses on the public payroll, there are several lower-class women whose conversion to the Cult destroyed their happiness. The political power and economic gains that Ivy League SJWs enjoy have come largely at the expense of unintelligent women who were pushed to divorce their lower-class husbands and ended up single mothers flipping burgers next to horny Ali and racist Tyrone while their children rotted their lives away in daycares, having lost both parents.

Such children ‘graduate’ to drugs, depression, and suicide, after the child-support-paying father got tired of sleeping in his pickup truck and moved to Montana to start over. Like America’s crime-ridden streets plagued by roving BLM gangs and MS-13, the collapse of the lower-class family too is part of the SJW Utopia pushed by America’s privileged elites who persist in ignoring the realities of gender, race, and intelligence.

A working-class man with an IQ of 70, having once found a career he can handle, if he turns fifty and then loses his job to an immigrant, cannot be retrained for anything else useful to society. He does not have the intelligence to start over. A working-class woman with an IQ of 70, who we know will never complete college if she ever starts, has little chance of a happy and productive life apart from being the domestic partner in a long-term marriage to a man of similar background and similar IQ.

But SJWs never think about the plight of true working-class people like these, whose security and happiness are being destroyed by SJWs and their PC Cult in droves. The Cult’s propaganda that women don’t need husbands and that children don’t need fathers is not only profoundly destructive to lower class women but has inflicted enormous damage on society, the divorce epidemic sending the crime rate soaring, triggering an explosion of domestic violence and gun sprees, and expanding medical costs and prisons by fueling an enormous drug epidemic by the children of broken families seeking substitutes for the family security they never had, which Cultists sweep under a rug by blaming the Second Amendment.

There are other genuine differences between the sexes. Men do not need safe spaces on a college campus. Men thrive in an open combative intellectual academic atmosphere where eccentricity pays, as Edward Dutton describes. They happily pursue fame and ego. But women desire consensus where eccentrics are pilloried and expelled, whatever they may have to contribute, because novelty makes women frightened and emotionally insecure and disrupts the female emotional need for superficial consensus-building, so women obsessively retreat to safe spaces to reproduce the family hearth, then try to make the entire college a safe space, then the country, and finally the world – a never-ending series of quixotic, impossible demands.

Women are rarely motivated by cutting-edge research, fame, new discoveries, or ego. They prefer to surround themselves with emotionally supportive female colleagues and diverse but submissive ‘vibrant’ immigrants to increase the women’s pool for mate selection in finding a high-status man who will make them finally feel completely safe wherever she ventures and acquiring a prized mate with superior status.

This is why wherever women achieve significant numbers they immediately push for dropping barriers to entry so they can select from a global smorgasbord of men who are already wealthier and more powerful than they. A difficult task, given that female SJWs are themselves part of America’s wealthy and powerful elite, and the ‘vibrant immigrants’ are a source of the uptick in campus rapes. Only ever greater numbers of immigrants can satisfy these contradictory and infinite demands.

Men desire high entry standards and national borders to curtail male competition, sympathy playing no part. Women seek to drop entry standards, even college SAT, and eliminate borders – allegedly ‘for the children’, but actually for the selfish needs of SJW women – in order to expand their mate selection choices and gratify their pathological altruism. To mix men and women professors in the same college department multiplies the confusion and inefficiency because their motives for why they teach and why they study and to what extent they may welcome immigrants are rarely the same.

When women attain control over the department or the college, the mission of the college fundamentally transforms from an entity that innovates and takes risks and toughens students, into an entity that conforms and protects and ceases to challenge, creating cohorts of sensitive, infantilized and infantilizing SJWs hiding in home-like safe spaces while keeping one eye open for powerful rich immigrant males, instead of creating tough adult men and sensible women primarily devoted to learning. Given Freud’s opposition to mixing male and female students in the same classrooms, I think he would agree that the American concept of coeducation is deeply flawed and has seriously eroded the once eminent position of American education.

These conflicts reflect the dilemma of American society as a whole. Since modern philosophy, and the PC Cult in particular, are so heavily influenced by Nietzsche, this has left us with marvelous techniques for destroying society’s values, but completely devoid of techniques for finding new ones. So today’s colleges, arm-in-arm with the Mass Media, are adept at destroying values and undermining confidence and helping to plunge society into crime and anarchy, but have no way of constructing new values and restoring confidence in those institutions that every society needs in order to keep people alive.

The golem of the PC Cult has moved into this void and seeks to be that new religion which Nietzsche predicted must come. But in reality the PC Cult is nothing more than a false religion against life itself, a Death Cult of limitless guilt tripping and imputed sin: Nietzsche’s Last Men – and Last Women – of Decadence.”