The problem with so-called “trans” people is not the legal details or the medical procedures or loopholes in the Civil Rights Acts or the age of the victims who naively choose to accept hormone blocks at a young age. The problem — and the source of all of these social evils which should be banned by law — is the outlawing of masculinity. When Feminism achieved full control of the influencer heights in American society, and secured this position with fraudulent decisions by the Supreme Court, masculinity became the source of all evil and was effectively outlawed. Weak men who are exceptionally vulnerable to feminist propaganda subconsciously choose to shed their masculinity and take on an ultimately impossible biological form because in the long run they simply want to join the Feminist ruling class and avoid the disabilities and slings and arrows that come with being a man. The moment Feminism achieved its complete victory and domination over society, a flood of men changing their gender became entirely predictable. As for the women and girls who select to become male, they are few and far between and merely collateral damage. For every woman who “becomes a man”, there are 100 men who flee masculinity and hope to join the ruling class by “becoming” women.