A curiosity: there are actually four countries known as Guinea. One is Guinea in Africa with its capital of Conakry. It curls around Sierre Leone to border Liberia, a geographic fact of great import during the Liberian civil wars which expanded into Guinea and Sierra Leone.

Second is Guinea-Bissau, a tiny enclave north of African Guinea. I know nothing more about it except that it has a high proportion of Muslims.

Third is Equatorial Guinea, also in Africa, with the capital of Malabo, formerly Spanish Guinea, southeast of the above two Guineas.

Fourth is Papua New Guinea, or PNG. This is located on the far side of the globe just north of Australia. The capital is Port Moresby, a low, sultry port with a high crime rate cut off from the rest of PNG by a high range of mountains. Altogether an unlikely place for a country’s capital. But there you have it. The language is “pidgin”, a motley collection of German, English, and local languages.

Until fairly recent times cannibalism occurred in three of the four Guineas.