As I have noted here at Sirius Reviews, the Woke Cult inserts its agents into the judiciary at all levels for the specific purpose of reversing popular elections when the Cult dislikes an election outcome. Despite the Cult’s oft pronounced support of “our democracy” and oft denounced opposition to Republican stealing of elections as allegedly occurred in 2016, the Cult takes every opportunity to put its agents into the judiciary for the purpose of canceling any election of which it disapproves, which violates not only the judge’s Oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution, but State Constitutions as well. If an election goes its way, the Cult crows that “our democracy” has been saved. If the election puts an Unbeliever in charge, however, the Cult races to inform its judge ensconced in the court system to find a way to “cancel” the election and substitute a Cult member for the Infidel, which is not always a Republican, but could be a Libertarian or any other caliber who does not subscribe to the Cult’s false religious doctrines.

In this case, New Mexico Judge Francis Mathew of the 1st Judicial State District Court in Santa Fe disqualified Couy Griffin, Otero County Commissioner, “effective immediately”, for having “engaged in insurrection or rebellion against [the U.S. Constitution]” in violation of Couy’s Oath to support it which thereby disqualifies him from holding “any office, civil or military, under the U.S., or under any State. . .” Couy was “convicted” by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in D.C., at the behest of the J6 Committee, in March, 2022, resulting in his serving 14 days in jail, one year of supervised release, and a $3,000 fine with 60 hours of community service.

Of course, any judge in the land can invoke the U.S. Constitution while ruling on a case. The problem here is that — to put it simply — there was no insurrection or rebellion, but a perfectly legal permitted protest by citizens exercising their rights under the First Amendment. This while ignoring genuine insurrections and/or rebellions, however, such as Antifa in Portland which burned down a federal building while the Mayor Ted Wheeler ordered the FBI to stay out of Portland, with the few arrests that occurred rapidly released without any charges by Portland’s District Attorney and allowed to resume their insurrectionary activities. Not to mention BLM, which rejected the authority of local law enforcement for weeks on end while tying up traffic and looting shops, with the local D.A. again releasing virtually all those arrested without charges and Mayor Lori Lightfoot publicly rejected the President’s offer of federal assistance.

That makes at least two genuine insurrections that the Cult’s judges chose to ignore while pursuing the political opponents of Congressional Democrats for actions akin to focusing on a mote in one’s eye versus a beam in someone else’s eye. The federal courts in D.C. are notorious as the most corrupt in the nation, being mere mouthpieces for the Democrat Party which are always ready to prosecute anyone whom Democrat witch-hunting committees like the J6 committee want to see jailed. This amounts to political persecution of personally named “enemies of the state” which is a violation of the Constitution’s absolute prohibition on Bills of Attainder. Using the Cultic judges implanted in the D.C. Attorney’s Office is no more than a cat’s paw for doing the dirty work of the J6 Star Chamber, for they work together hand in glove.

As if that’s not enough, Sec. 3 of the 14th Amendment was passed by the Radical Republicans in Congress in 1866 for one purpose only: to bar any and all ex-Confederate soldiers, and any all persons who provided assistance to Confederate soldiers — which amounted to every white person in the entire South in 1866 — from holding any public office whatsoever, thereby ensuring that only blacks could serve in Southern governments during the military occupation of the Reconstruction, or Black Government, Era. That’s what happened until the Amnesty Act of 1872 pardoned every Southerner except a few high-ranking Confederate officials. So Sec. 3 of the 14th Amendment no longer applies to anyone and for over a century has been considered by the courts as a dead-letter, of no conceivable application.

Of course, the real purpose of the J6 political persecutions is not to enforce the literal meaning of the Constitution anyway, which is something utterly alien to Democrats and Cultists, who always prefer esoteric nonsensical interpretations, but rather as a way of potentially using the D.C. U.S. Attorney’s Office to find ex-President Trump guilty of insurrection and thereby prohibiting him from running for office in 2024. Thus Merrick Garland’s thievery and ransacking of Mar-a-Lago at the urging of the illegal Usurper Biden, both of whom being desperate to find something — anything — to stop the Trump steamroller that looks likely to sweep the Dems out of Congress and maybe later the White House once Biden’s reckless policies plunge the U.S. into a protracted Depression.

But here’s the real danger: will the “the Second Shoe” drop? The Second Shoe is the rest of the phrase: “No person shall. . .hold any office [having taken the oath to uphold the Constitution who then] shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof.”

If any Democrat Cultic judge in the country can unseat an elected Republican, or any other heretic, merely for participating in a legal protest against a stolen election, then what’s to stop these same Cultic Inquisitors from unseating every other Republican office-holder throughout the United States on the grounds that — as registered Republicans — they “gave aid or comfort to the enemies of the U.S. Constitution”, i.e., the J6 political prisoners and Trump. Logically, there is no limit to how far the Democrat Star Chamber can cast its net in persecuting perceived heretics. Every non-Democrat in the nation is now vulnerable, not just to expulsion from office, but to arrest by the new politicized FBI, CIA, DOJ, and IRS, for “having given aid” to the “enemy of the Constitution” by registering as Republicans or by voting for Trump. Even the military can now be summoned by Emperor Biden since it also has been compromised by fanatical Cultic members.

The electoral system in the U.S., stolen wholesale in 2020, teeters on a knife edge. The Cult’s members give their loyalty only to the Cult, not to any aspect of the US, and least of all to the U.S. Constitution as proven by two generations of Democrat Justices. These globalists, who see the United States itself as their ultimate Enemy, are already gearing up for even greater wholesale fraud in 2022. And whatever the outcome, one may be certain that ever wider nets of J6 political persecution will follow, unseating every Republican who may survive the electoral fraud and actually attempt to take office.

There is nothing “democratic” about an unelected judge presuming to order an elected official from office. The official could just as well accuse the judge of violating his Oath to uphold the Constitution by bringing his Cultic biases to the job and order police to remove the judge from office. This in fact is exactly what is necessary: that every Cult member in the country be removed from each and every public office, from the Supreme Court and Congress down to teacher and dog-catcher.

Cowboys for Trump Co-Founder removed from office.