I can’t help but notice that Leftists constantly say that Stalin corrupted Communism therefore the Soviet Union was not true Communism and we should be open minded and “give Communism a chance”. But these people never say the same thing about fascism. They never say that Hitler corrupted Nazism or that Mussolini corrupted Italian Fascism and therefore we should not look to these regimes as evidence of the value of these ideologies. They never say that Nazi Germany was not true Nazism or that Mussolini’s Italy was not true Fascism, and that we should “give fascism a chance”.

Well, strangely enough, sometimes they actually do say this. If we define fascism as a regime that fosters the rapid growth of a nation under an authoritarian single-party regime which favors military parades, then this fits China today, and many Leftists stretch their necks to condemn criticism of China. “Give the Chinese a chance” they cry in response to criticism of its authoritarian violence and militant irridentism towards Taiwan. Perhaps, as some have commented, if one goes furthest to the Right, one ends up on the far Left. Either way, these Extremists will never say in response to Libertarians who say that “true” capitalism has never been implemented so in order to fix the problems of middle-class neoliberalism we should “give capitalism a chance.”