Under the Marxist view law is ideology, part of the so-called “superstructure” that is derivative of class interests. Superstructure is part of the “mystification” that the bourgeois class throws over the minds of its members and disguises the true interests of class members, which are materialist. Marxists believe that when the Revolution comes, and all “right-wing” class elements are “liquidated”, including the middle (bourgeois) class and any monarchist “throne and altar” far-right elements, then the mystification of ideology and superstructure will vanish and the urban proletariat, which by that time will have grown into a majority of the population of developed industrial societies, will no longer have a need for law, lawyers, courts, prisons, or police.

If this is truly what Marxists believe — assuming we can find any actual Marxists anywhere in the world today outside of a few collegiate Ivory Towers — then why would the so-called Left bother inserting its champions into the US Supreme Court? Why would the Cultic Left work so hard to put its members onto the Federal Judiciary? The entire edifice of law, according to Marxists, is essentially irrelevant, having no influence at all, being merely derivative of the material interests of its class supporters. If the Left could destroy the middle class by onerous taxation that “redistributes” wealth to the so-called “working class” that actually produces all wealth which the middle and upper classes merely steal from them, then presumably all the mentioned aspects of the legal infrastructure would disappear: law, lawyers, courts, prisons, and police.

In the real world, however, even fools and imbeciles can see that such an outcome is utopian and completely impossible. The ideas of Marx fell out of favor among practical thinkers long ago, during the 1890s in fact, when it became clear that industrial workers were bettering their lot by peaceful negotiation in democratic parliaments and that workers themselves were moving into the middle class in large numbers with better education and accumulated wealth. Those today who proclaim themselves Marxists are in fact not Marxists at all. They use the term for its historical cache and lingering reputation among the poor and dispossessed, not for its actual intellectual content.

Today’s “Marxists” are not Marxists but members of a new violent religion, the Politically Correct Wokeness Cult, which traces its origins for the most part outside the Marxist tradition. Their obsession with political domination and the exclusion of all other religions and ideologies is what leads Cult members to penetrate governmental institutions, especially the Federal Judiciary, right up to the Supreme Court. It is their obsession with ideology that leads them to insist on dominating the Main Stream Media and excluding all competing ideologies while suppressing inconvenient facts, even though these are all “mystification” and mere meaningless “superstructure” according to their own public admissions.

This is why they care and why they act to dominate and exclude.