RE news that Biden is forgiving student loans. What’s wrong with that? Here’s what’s wrong: First, it’s unconstitutional because it impairs the obligation of contracts which is prohibited in Art I Sec 10 of the U.S. Constitution. Allowing the federal government to buy the contracts from banks and later forgive the debt to the borrowers only transforms the unconstitutional activity into another form, i.e., now it violates the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment either because only some contracts are forgiven, or if all are forgiven then there is still unequal treatment for those who chose to forego student loans entirely or join the military to avoid signing such contracts.

But that’s only the technical objection. The larger issue is that colleges today are largely not engaged in the activity of educating secular subjects for they have become either private global businesses that sell reputation and status to customers around the world and often opening a path to legal immigration for their graduates, all at U.S. public expense, but even more significant, colleges have become largely informal seminaries that indoctrinate neophytes into the Wokeness Cult.

Gender Studies, Ethnic Studies, in fact just about any college course that has the word Studies in its title, and other topics such as Sociology and Education departments, have as their main goal the inculcation of conflict-initiating cult programming that promotes hatred and violence against non-Cult members, i.e., infidels. Thus our public taxes are going — again unconstitutionally — to underwrite a State Religion that teaches hatred and the promotion of violence against the very people who are paying the taxes.

That’s what’s wrong with Biden forgiving student debt. Oh, and also because it amounts to over $1 trillion. And the U.S. is broke.

I myself passed up signing unconscionable loan contracts that would have enabled me to finish degree(s) in subjects that would not have led in any likelihood to long-term employment. If I had known that the Feds were ready, willing and able to buy out my student loans, which I paid off on my own after college, I could have stayed in college forever.

It would be far better if students were faced with a realistic choice of taking subjects that are guaranteed not to lead to employment but entailed taking large expensive loans versus taking perhaps more difficult subjects that are much more likely to lead to employment, like engineering or business school or computer programming. If they prefer to take courses devoted to Cult (read “Hatred”) Studies, then they should pay for that themselves.