News channels have been filled suddenly with reports that Russian and Chinese ships have been sighted off the coast of America, triggering alarms. . . Until you see the fine print. “America” is actually the tiny island of Kiska, two-thirds down the Aleutian Island chain that extends a thousand miles southwest of Alaska. Kiska marks the southern boundary of the Bering Sea which separates Alaska from Siberia. Tiny Kiska Island is halfway to Japan and over halfway to Kamchatka Peninsula and the coast of Siberia, which are owned by Russia.

So it’s actually not a big surprise to see Russian ships in the Bering Sea closer to Russian territory than to U.S. territory. Yet the news reporters report breathlessly that the U.S. Coast Guard was summoned along with aircraft from distant Kodiak Island to “protect” America’s borders from Putin’s minions even though the “enemy” ships are a long 86 miles from Kiska Island and therefore in international waters, where one would expect them to be in peacetime.

For the uninitiated, Alaska is a militarily-occupied resource colony, much like Panama, Hawaii, Guam, Guantanamo, and Puerto Rico. Not to mention 700+ other military bases scattered around the world, mostly in places that would rather not be militarily-occupied by American forces. When the SHTF as the last global empire, i.e., the DisUnited States, finally gets its comeuppence and disintegrates, as every other oppressive, multi-ethnic, polyglot empire in the long history of the world has done, Alaska will no doubt spin off into independence, as will Texas, Florida, the entire American South and Mid-West, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, Panama, the Left Coast, and all those 700+ military bases, all of which will close permanently, giving the long-oppressed American taxpayers a measure of much-deserved financial relief. I’m sure distant Kiska Island can hardly wait.