The International Legal Forum, a Jewish front organization headed by one Arsen Ostrovsky, has announced that it is suing the video game host Steam [Valve Inc] for “direct violation of U.S. anti-terrorism laws” for the crime of selling a video game. The problem? The game depicts Palestinians killing Israelis. Says Mr. Ostrovsky: “We [are] pursuing all availing legal actions.” So why isn’t the ILF suing Paramount Pictures for producing the incredibly vicious TV series “Hunters” which has American and Israeli Jews violating international and American law by happily slaughtering white Americans? Could this be just another instance of the blatant hypocrisy of America’s Jewish ruling elite which enjoys legal privileges that it denies to the average American citizen?

It hardly bears mentioning that Steam also hosts and sells many video games that happily depict Jews, blacks, and just about anyone else you care to name gruesomely killing white Americans, not to mention depicting whites almost always as villains who deserve to be killed, which are violations of America’s civil rights laws. But heck, who are we to suggest that Those Who Rule Us recognize the legal rights of us common folk Americans not to be constantly portrayed as villains in the media and entertainment who deserve to be brutally slaughtered? The ILF has nothing to say about anti-white video games. Comfortable in the knowledge that if a house-cleaning ever comes to the U.S., our Elite can simply hop a plane to Israel and be immediately accepted as citizens, free and clear of all the crimes that they have committed and are committing in the U.S. — a blatant self-serving hypocrisy carried through to the end.

Ostrovsky again: “This is not a mere game, but an unhinged display in glorification of violence and incitement to terror, that may now also place Steam and Valve in direct violation of U.S. anti-terrorism legislation.” Which is exactly what could be said about “Hunters” and the many anti-white games that have been aggressively promoted by Jew-controlled companies for years now. More Hypocrisky from Ostrovsky: “With anti-Semitic incidents in the U.S., including violence against Jews, at an all-time high. . .with over 20 people killed, this ‘game’ will only encourage and incite further violence and terror against. . .Jews. . . Valve ought to immediately withdraw this game from distribution.”

Let’s bring this down to earth by making a few logical substitutions: “These many games that depict the slaughter of whites, are not mere games, but an unhinged display in glorification of violence and incitement to terror, that may now also place the six Hollywood Jewish-controlled media conglomerates and also Paramount Pictures in direct violation of U.S. anti-terrorism legislation. . .With anti-white incidents in the US, including violence against white Americans, at an all-time high. . .with over 2,000 white people murdered by non-whites, these ‘games’ will only encourage and incite further violence and terror against whites. Valve, Steam, the Big Six Jewish Media Empires, and Paramount should immediately withdraw “Hunters” and violent anti-white video games from distribution.”

The 2,000 is an estimate of 3 years. It’s hard to find the true numbers. Here’s an example of a major platform censoring the info because they don’t want people to know the number of whites killed by blacks:

Of course, 2,000 doesn’t cover the many thousands of assaults, maimings, arson, thefts, and anti-white pogroms, carried out by non-whites, mostly blacks, against whites each and every year, and increasing with each year. Could “Hunters” have something to do with that? When we include the Jew-controlled Mass Media and the Big Six Jewish-Owned or Controlled Hollywood Entertainment Empires, you betcha it does.

News source: The Washington Free Beacon