Minneapolis was just rechristened ‘Murderopolis” due to the doubling of the murder rate from last year, which was itself a large increase from the year before. But the rot doesn’t just infect Murderopolis. It affects the entire state. It was just reported that the Minnesota Department of Education has been swindled out of $250 million by an organized gang of Somali “refugees”. The gang – which quickly grew to encompass entire neighborhoods of Somalis – registered a non-profit which obtained the government funds for the alleged purpose of feeding underprivileged children in Minneapolis. Instead, the gang siphoned off the money to buy luxury items for themselves, including ritzy US real estate, new cars, and entire neighborhoods in Africa. As if that’s not enough, here’s the real kicker: the Minnesota Dept of Education found out about the swindle and requested a state court to order the payments stopped. The court refused, ordering the MDE that the payments must continue, and even declining to require bail for the accused Somali gang, who were returned to the streets almost as soon as they were arrested.

Why, for heaven’s sake? Because, first, Minnesota is afraid of the Biden Dept of Justice, headed by the hangman evil Jewish dwarf Merrick Garland, who can hardly get up in the morning without ordering another armed SWAT invasion of innocent family homes by Biden’s Cult-infected thuggish FBI, not to mention the USDA and OIG, all of which want such payments to continue no matter what. Second, because the payments, illicit and unauthorized though they are, are still going to Biden’s precious Blacks, and that’s all that really matters to Biden’s Black-ass-kissing regime. These payments, in the view of DC Biden and his fanatical Cultish cohorts, represent Reparations, and as such are overdue and justified whatever form they may take. The Biden regime knew that these payments – and others like them around the US – were illegal from the start but refused to intervene because It’s All About The Worship of Blackness and any transfer of wealth that goes into Black hands is perforce justified and must continue, even if the FED must continue to create more funds out of nothing to enable such payments.

It’s all about Reparations to Blacks of American tax money by Jews who were put in power by the rigged election of an illegal regime.