There are honor cultures and there are guilt cultures. Islam is an honor culture, with family members ever ready to ostracize or even murder perceived offenders who have brought shame on the family. East Asia are honor cultures; for their members, nothing is more important than saving face, meaning preserving honor. Protestants are guilt cultures, where individuals are controlled not directly by government fiat but by internalized mechanisms, chief of which is guilt. Catholicism is also guilt culture though not as extreme as most Protestantism. Prussia, like most military-oriented societies was not guilt-driven but was honor driven. Prussian officers were often members of fencing fraternities and, like Otto Skorzeny, proudly bore the mark of a saber on one cheek as public testimony to the fact that honor was the most sacred value to them. The Allies in World War II unfortunately failed to comprehend that in an honor society like Prussia surrender was not even remotely possible; they would and did fight until death finally overtook them, despite the ruin that this brought to Germany, Europe, and to millions of lives on the Allied side. In an honor society like Islam, and Arab Muslims in particular, a perceived public slight may be enough to trigger a meltdown where the Arab slaughters dozens of people — this has happened multiple times in the U.S. Japanese commit suicide when their honor is lost; Arabs commit murder. But both are honor societies.

Texas and the American South are honor societies. The American North, after 200 years, still does not comprehend this. That’s because the Northeast has guilt culture. New England is perhaps the most extreme guilt culture in the world. They perceive every evil as something their ancestors must have done and for which their descendants owe recompense for. The Northeast takes it for granted that reparations are owed to American blacks by all whites although Northeastern Americans kept no slaves. The South takes it for granted that since blacks are now accorded a sense of honor and respect, nothing more is needed. And if blacks say “We were enslaved by whites for 400 years”, whites reply “Well, whites were enslaved by Arabs and Africans for 1,000 years. Get over it. You’re now free and you have honor and respect. That’s all any man needs.”

The problem with guilt culture is that it is vulnerable to exploitation from within by organized groups that have no sense of guilt or honor and who use the guilt impulse of the host society against them to achieve outsized political power. Eventually this guilt-trips the host population into complete servitude. This is what has happened in the American Northeast from Richmond, through DC, and all the way to Boston. All these predatory groups have to do is shout “Racist!” and the guilt-ridden Northeasterner whimpers and rolls over showing his tummy in submission, as in the picture to the left. These predatory group(s) have no compunction about destroying the host’s culture from within by exploiting this guilt. Northeasterners don’t understand honor culture. But the ethnic groups that rule the Northeast do, meaning in particular Jews and Black Nationalists. Since honor culture is not subject to this exploitation and resists its imposition by Jews and Black Nationalists, these groups have targeted the honor society of the American South to be converted to a carbon-copy of the guilt-ridden Northeast, and if that fails, to be destroyed.

“Guilt-free” Jews with their chutzpah, and Blacks with their narrow-minded power grabs protected by government fiat, cannot be honor-bound with a handshake, or even by a fully fledged written contract, but in Texas a handshake is still a thing. Case in point: in the 1980s Pennzoil made an offer for Getty Oil. Texaco feared this potential business combination and rushed up to guilt society New York and persuaded Pennzoil to let Texaco buy out Pennzoil. Before Texaco left, they shook hands on the deal but signed nothing. Texaco then went behind Pennzoil’s back and made offers to Getty Oil without telling Pennzoil. When Pennzoil found out about the deception, they sued Texaco. Pennzoil, thinking that it might be good to hire an experienced Texan litigator to sue Texaco, a Texas corporation, hired the experienced courtroom litigator Joe Jamail. He brought the Texas concept of a handshake to the New York jury — and sold them. The jury found Texaco liable for $13.4 billion, the largest civil judgment in history. Oil field culture is honor culture, no guilt but much social condemnation and ostracism for loss of honor. Jamail played up Texas honor. The New York jury decided the case in favor of Jamail’s Texas style contention that a handshake deal was still a deal even if not written, thus repudiating Texaco’s position that there was no contract because nothing was written on paper.

The late Joe Jamail.

Now, it is possible that the New York jury simply hated Texans and were only too happy to bankrupt an oil company with a name like Texaco, and were perhaps not really impressed by Jamail’s talk about handshakes. Just like it is possible that Obama did all he could to bankrupt British Petroleum with fines over the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010 simply because he hated the British who had once colonized his father’s Kenya and wanted to bankrupt Britain. But the Texaco case remains an interesting play on honor versus guilt. Contracts are essentially a sign of honor; not many adhere to them out of a feeling of guilt. Guilt drives donations and alms-giving — capitalism is, in theory at least, honor culture while socialism is guilt culture which is why I always say that Socialism (i.e., the Marxist variety of socialism) is the revenge of the Catholic Church on the modern world. Reparations are a kind of alms-giving to the poor and helpless and fits right in with traditional Catholic guilt-driven culture. No one with a shred of honor would ever accept reparations. Not blacks for what happened two centuries ago; not whites for what happened three centuries and more ago, or even for what is happening to whites today, victims as they are of a continual ethnic pogrom perpetrated by violent black criminals. The latter are protected by the predatory ethnic elites in DC who are without guilt or honor and who are scheming to amass even more power and wealth. The people supporting the illegal regime in DC that is running our lives — and often arbitrarily taking them — are devoid of both honor and guilt. They attained their position through systematic wholesale voter fraud and maintain it with a web of lies and propaganda.