In his speech Biden grandiloquently pronounced from on high that it is impossible for an election to be falsified by fake votes, which he asserted in response to the widespread criticisms that the 2020 elections were falsified. Yet in almost the same breath Biden has condemned the elections in Russian-occupied Russian-populated southeast Ukraine. Which is it? Elections must always be true and accurate, in which case the Russian-sponsored elections are authentic. Or elections are questionable when there exists sufficient evidence to perhaps persuade a reasonable person that there is cause to doubt the honesty of the final result? Perhaps we should look at what Biden does rather than what he says. He clearly accepts the results of 2020 despite the evidence of widespread fraud which was so massive that “3:00 A.M. ballot box stuffing that reverses the previous night’s results” has become a cliche. Accepting one questionable result without investigation implies accepting the other on the same grounds. Putin should send Biden a Thank You card.