As I predicted back in 2020 when it was painfully obvious that the November elections had been stolen, the failure of the SCOTUS to respond to lawsuits that attempted to rectify the Big Steal guaranteed that future national elections — and local elections beside — would henceforth suffer the same fate. My book “A Beginners Guide to the PC Cult”, published, censored, almost republished then censored again, explains in detail the process by which election fraud is justified by the PC Cult.

A relevant passage from the book, scheduled for re-re-publication soon, now that I have taken it out of the hands of pusillanimous publishers who run for the hills at the first sign of displeasure from America’s Ruling Oligarchs and their media monopoly whores:

From Chapter 10: Main Facets of the Cult: Free Speech.

“One of the peculiarities of the Cult is a perception, deriving from Nietzsche, that there is no such thing as objectivity. Beginning with Kant and developed by Hegel, both Marx and Nietzsche, from opposite political orientations, attacked the notion of independent objectively verifiable facts. Marx proclaimed that individual consciousness was determined by class consciousness, with the individual’s ideas and outlook and values entirely formed by that individual’s class.

Nietzsche insisted that if objective facts exist at all, they are either unknowable or are useless to humans, consciousness and so-called free will being nothing more than unpredictable and obscure physiological processes. As the chief proponents of Marxism in Europe, Ashkenazi Jews used their ownership of Europe’s leading newspapers to popularize Marxism, while absorbing Nietzsche’s ideas in the background by osmosis.

When Jews came to America, they brought both Marx and Nietzsche with them, teaching that free will did not exist and that objectivity was impossible and that therefore professors should no longer aspire to intellectual independence but should embrace their prejudices and be proud of them.

This is how speech became ‘violence’ in the minds of SJWs. Because if truth does not exist – only prejudice – then discussion is no longer a way to discover truth, but merely a deceptive way of disguising one’s bias and bigotry, subtly exercising privilege and power over others. Thus, the PC Cult’s focus on ‘safe spaces’ where speech-as-violence (not to be confused with violent speech) is banned and the evil heretics who commit speech-as-violence by the ‘micro-aggression’ of opening their mouths and stating their opinions are silenced, excommunicated, and expelled.

And this is also why voting is per se illegitimate in the eyes of SJWs. Voting, after all, is only a form of speech, so voting is also nothing more than a deceptive way of disguising the speaker’s hate and prejudice and his exercise of illegitimate power and must also be suppressed. SJWs do not elect their leaders by majority vote – they are chosen by ‘Intersectionality’, which means measuring candidates by their degree of melanin and non-heterosexual-maleness. The only ‘communicating’ that SJWs do is with baseball bats and their preferred ‘voting’ is to stuff fake absentee ballots into unsupervised boxes at 3:00 A.M.

The election of Congressmen and -women, who might commit the cardinal sin of compromising PC Cult values once they arrive in Congress, is no more acceptable to SJWs and their Intersectional Cult than would be popular election of their professorial priesthood in the hierarchy of academia, or popular election of the Cult’s representatives on the Supreme Court. To SJWs, popular elections are by their nature sinful because they violate the sacred principles of Diversity and Intersectionality. Therefore, free and open elections must be avoided whenever possible.

If forced to participate in a majority-vote election, SJWs believe the results should be rigged as happened in 2020 and routinely in places like California. And if forced to accept the actual results of a majority-vote election – but losing – then the results should be canceled by the Cult’s backstop SJW judges in the federal judiciary on the pretext that the results were unconstitutional, i.e., violated the Cult’s sacred principles of Diversity and Intersectionality by ‘suppressing the vote’ of some unidentified ‘people of color’.

Just as any Orders issued by a President who was elected in an election that the Cult’s candidate lost to must be resisted or ignored. PC values always trump majority-vote elections, including any executive branch orders that may follow such elections. The PC Cult accepts the results of votes and of any other legalistic governmental processes established by the Constitution only if they win. They then celebrate the ‘triumph of Our Democracy’ and the ‘restoration of our Constitution’ that had been ‘threatened’ by evil white males but only as an exercise in public relations. Like with Hillary Clinton in 2016, the duty to abide by the results of an election applies only to heretics and Untouchables, never to SJWs themselves.”