Canada now requires that Canadians reentering Canada download the ArriveCan app to prepare them for reentry. If they fail to do this, then they are fined $6,255 Canadian dollars:

CitizenFreePress: Canada Freedom Fighters

One commenter expostulates: “Canada has lost their ever-loving minds. Nazi a**holes.” Canada has gone apesh*t. See my recent Post “The Devil’s Dictionary: ‘Antisemitism” about Canada’s ‘clarification’ of its Criminal Code Sec. 319 to the effect that virtually any public discussion of the so-called Holocaust is now viewed legally as ‘antisemitism’ and therefore is a criminal offense with mandatory jail time.

An excessive fine has nothing to do with Naziism, which employed fines commensurate with other European countries, or with Communism, which did not employ fines except in minor amounts for minor offenses like traffic, so commenters such as this should improve their education before posting such. But we should take note of the growing extent of the state in Canada, which, like the rest of the Anglosphere excepting only the U.S., is not blessed with the “supreme law” of a written Constitution, and therefore the rest of the Anglosphere has no legal limit on what their ruling elites can do, even to replacing the population with placid immigrants who, being unfamiliar with democratic or republican principles, will never question what they are told to do and will always vote as instructed.