Franklin D. Roosevelt, popularly known as FDR, having won the presidential election of 1932, in the years that followed rushed to implement a list of “liberal” reforms, some of which, like the Blue Eagle federal programs, were markedly “fascistic” in that they were consciously patterned after the highly successful full-employment programs of the new Hitler regime in Germany and the older Mussolini regime in Italy. Others were more similar to programs implemented by the older-still Communist regime of Stalin in Russia, then known as the Soviet Union. At the urging of New York Jews, and upon the fake news provided by the New York Times’ foreign correspondent Walter Duranty on post in Moscow, FDR reversed the diplomatic isolation enforced by all previous American administrations and extended diplomatic recognition to the USSR (the Soviet Union).

This was just the beginning of FDR’s love affair with the fantasy of “the workers’ paradise”. In 1934, FDR’s Treasury Department hired Harry Dexter White. A hardware store owner until he was thirty years old and the son of a pro-Communist Lithuanian Jewish immigrant, White, with no academic background to speak of, was somehow allowed to enter and complete a PhD program in Economics at Harvard — much like Armand Hammer, the son of another pro-Communist New York Jewish immigrant, and who inherited a chain of pharmacies from his deceased father, and was allowed to obtain a medical degree without attending required classes or taking all required exams. Unlike Armand Hammer, who never practiced medicine, Harry Dexter White did teach economics. He was hired by a small college in the Mid-West, where he was recruited in 1934 to join FDR’s Jewish-run Dept of the Treasury. The Treasury Dept in reality ran FDR’s foreign policy, while FDR let his State Dept gather cobwebs.

Harry Dexter White was, almost from the beginning of his work at the Dept of the Treasury, a Soviet spy. In his position as one of FDR’s closest foreign policy advisors, White did all he could to put the interests of Stalin and the Soviet Union ahead of the U.S. For instance, in 1944 it was decided to create plates for printing a new series of “German Occupation Marks” to be put into circulation when Germany fell to the Allied armies. In May 1944, White engineered a free giveaway of copies of these new plates to the Soviet Union in the interests of “fairness”. This reminds me of the German-born physicist of Quaker heritage, Klaus Fuchs, one of the “atom spies” who passed information about British and American nuclear research to Stalin for seven years, also out of “fairness”. (After his release from a British prison 14 years later, Fuchs defected to Communist East Germany).

Here’s the kicker: Within one month after White delivered the plates to Stalin, his acolytes printed $4.8 billion worth of these as-yet-unused German occupation marks and delivered them to the Federal Reserve in New York for cashing in for gold. In May 1944, the Jewish-run Federal Reserve, on the advice of the Jewish spy Harry Dexter White, gave so much gold to their beloved Soviets for prompt delivery to the Soviet Union, that it became a serious drain on America’s gold reserves and led in time to Nixon’s removal of the dollar from its former gold backing in 1971. This was but part of the vast transfer of wealth, weapons, uniforms, trucks, ammunition, industrial equipment, aircraft, and food supplies from the U.S. to the Soviet Union for free during WW2 at the urging of Harry Dexter White and with the assent of a senile FDR. Does this remind anyone of our senile President today, similarly surrounded by a coterie of Jews whose primary loyalty is not to the U.S. but elsewhere?

White died in 1948 before the Cold War blew wide open, having “I don’t recall(ed)” his way through a HUAC interrogation by a young Richard Nixon. In the 1980s, the Venona documents were declassified against the wishes of the FBI. These were a series of secret cables to and from the Soviet Embassy in Washington DC during WW2 that the FBI had intercepted and deciphered. Among the cables were a collection of messages direct from Harry Dexter White to his Soviet handlers in which he delivered classified information, the kind of information for which the Jewish Communist spies, the Rosenbergs, went to the gas chamber in 1951.