RE the FBI raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate: of the various reports and analyses that I have seen on the raid, none have pointed out, as they should, that selective enforcement of a law is in itself unconstitutional and nullifies prosecution. This is simple first-year law school stuff. If you didn’t get that, then you failed the Bar Exam. Therefore, the 1917 Espionage Act coded in 18 USC SS 793, 2071, 1519, which the FBI and DOJ attempted to implement at Mar-a-Lago is a dead law, non-executable because it is nullified on the grounds that it has always been invoked politically, arbitrarily and selectively. That spells SOL for any law.

Hillary was never prosecuted for her gross negligence with her classified emails, which almost instantly were read by Chinese bots. Comey announced just before the 2016 Presidential election that Hillary’s behavior was simple negligence so was not prosecutable by any serious judge. IOW, he acknowledged that the 1917 Espionage Act is obsolete non-executable law. Yet it was the very definition of gross negligence, while Trump failing to stamp a few boxes was at the most simple negligence, yet he is the one being prosecuted.

In the words of Law Prof. Jonathan Turley: “Presidents have long exempted themselves from declassification procedures. . .Trump claimed the right to declassify material unilaterally and orally at the start of his term.” So Trump cannot be faulted in any way for simple negligence in declassifying secret documents. Turley says it all comes down to the Affidavit – but FBI affidavits have a history of deliberate falsification so cannot be trusted. Best example possible is the Russia Hoax. The documents for the Russia Hoax were invented by the FBI as part of a special anti-Trump project by a criminal conspiracy within the FBI itself, a conspiracy which has been fully exposed but for obvious reasons has yet to be prosecuted.

Click for more: Turley: Why the Case Against Trump Remains Incomplete.

Upon reflection, perhaps we should permanently dump the phrase “our democracy”, since we plainly don’t have one.