America’s obsession with moral crusades is endless. It began after the federal government gained the upper hand in the Civil War, and expanded from there. People forget that the 18th and 19th Amendments were passed at the same time and that they were passed in reaction to the revulsion Americans felt for having been duped into entering the slaughter of World War I. It was popular at the time to believe that WWI had been caused by men’s failings and that if only women were put in charge, since women (it was widely presumed) were morally superior to men there would be no more wars. In 1919 morality won the day. The 18th Amendment prohibited the “manufacture, sale, or transportation of intoxicating liquors”, a presumably masculine weakness. It was passed on January 16, 1919. On June 4, 1919, the 19th Amendment was also passed, giving the franchise to women 21 and over.

President Woodrow Wilson and the Democratic Party pushed these measures and they took effect in 1920 after Wilson and Congress passed the National Prohibition Act, called the Volstead Act, the same month to give the 18th Amendment teeth. Warren G. Harding succeeded Wilson and as part of the national effort to ban “men’s weakness” Harding appointed public defender and tax lawyer Mabel Willebrandt as Assistant Attorney General, who thus became the highest ranking woman in the US government at the time. Willebrandt is virtually unknown today because she was the top prosecutor of the Volstead Act and her reputation was tarnished by the 13 year long struggle with Prohibition. The 18th Amendment was finally repealed by the 21st Amendment on December 5, 1933, under President Roosevelt.

America’s moral crusades had only a temporary pause and apparently little was learned by the Prohibition disaster. Few came to the logical conclusion that women are in fact no more moral than men, and when FDR (President Roosevelt) manipulated the US into yet another World War, the penchant for endless crusades began again. Few questioned why the “arsenal of democracy” would enter a war on the side of Bolshevik Russia ruled by the bloody tyrant Stalin just as few had questioned why the “crusade to save democracy” in World War I would be allied with the absolutist regime of Tsar Nicholas, who was mainly responsible for launching WWI.

After the cognitive dissonance of WWII, the US barely paused before rushing into Korea with the nonsensical Munich excuse of WWII of “we have to fight them over there before they invade over here” as if either the Kaiser or Hitler ever had the slightest intention of such or the remotest capability. Then came the crusades of Vietnam, Desgregation, the War on Poverty, multiple military interventions in the Mid-East, and finally the American-engineered war in Ukraine, all with the excuse that “if we don’t stop them over there, then they will take over the world and we’ll have to fight them over here.” And all pushed by what became the PC Cult, dominated by an ideology of women’s moral superiority to men, with an endless series of “literally Hitlers” set up by the PC controlled media to whip up the American populace to support these endless unjustifiable military interventions around the globe.

When will the US finally live of and for itself without military occupation and/or usurious financial manipulations of three-quarters of the world? When will America’s preoccupation with a presumed moral superiority and America’s exceptionalism with its open borders and obsession with diversity in race, religion, and sex-as-mere-recreation finally come to an end? Will Putin have to unleash his nukes before Americans learn to disregard the US’s monopoly media and break up the banking cartel that owns the federal government?