Author: Sin City Milla

Roe vs Wade vs Culture

I hear a lot about how institutions are downstream of culture, with judges and society’s elite merely aping what they see in the Main Stream Media. Hoi polloi may fashion their opinions from what they hear on the MSM, but...

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While Europe Slept – review

WHILE EUROPE SLEPT: HOW RADICAL ISLAM IS DESTROYING THE WEST FROM WITHIN, by Bruce Bawer. This is a clarion call from an American writer alarmed at the growing presence of Islam and Muslims in post-9/11 Europe. The title says it...

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STORMING THE HEAVENS: THE SOVIET LEAGUE OF THE MILITANT GODLESS, by Daniel Peris This book is a detailed examination of the Bolshevik “League of the Militant Godless,” or Союз Войнствующих Безбожников, launched in 1925 during...

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